Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 31

By Jungledog · Nov 4, 2014 · ·
  1. Day 12 of Taper

    Yesterday was a bit rough. I held at 8 and plan to do the same today. The nausea seems to have lifted thankfully. That really, really sucked. And Yes, I do a lot of self talk. That and I listen to (of all things Christian rock/pop). The lyrics are so up lifting. I must have listened to Mandesa's Stronger about 12 times yesterday. I guess I find it interesting because I never listened to this music before but it just helps right now!

    Well, off to get ready for work. I will check in as I can. Keep kicking folks!!


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    Day 12 Mid-Day Update

    Plugging along. I wish I could say I feel great but I don't. I am also beginning to think my nausea is related to constipation. I had been taking Miralax with the loperamide but as I went down on the dose I stopped taking it. Today I took a really big dose of Miralax and hoping I start to feel a bit better. I mean I have been going everyday but my belly is distended today (sorry for too much information). GDW, I look like I really am pregnant!!!

    I have been considering just switching over to kratom soon. I am not sure how far down on this taper I need to go. Has anyone else switched from loperamide over to kratom? And if so, at what dose? Last night and this morning I ended up taking 2 tsps. of kratom to get moving. My biggest issue is the lack of energy. I am getting impatient with this whole thing. I know I need to take my time. I know tapers should be slow and steady...but knowing it and doing it are two different things. I just want done with this shit already...but then again I know I need to stay functional. So ultimately slow and shitty is better than fast and unable to work. Right? Guess I am needing a hug today. Feeling a little low.:( Ugh.


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    End of Day 12 Taper

    Hi folks! Trying to keep pushing forward but today was hard for some reason. I felt physically unwell. Nausea, body aches, general shittiness. I took my supplements, lots of Vitamin C, Zofran, and sipped ginger tea all day. The only thing that helped was burying my mind in preparing a presentation...a really long presentation. Ironically, it is on addiction.

    Yeah, today I learned that if you look at a PET scan of a brain on any substance (opiates, cocaine, nicotine, and hell even sugar) your brain basically fails to light up and function as it should because the brain down regulates your dopamine receptors. The more images I looked at the more determined I was to get off and stay off ALL this crap. I also began to realize that my idea of following a whole food diet is actually smart. The faster my brain starts to heal, the better. Look up "pet scan of brain on sugar" and check it out. You will be tossing your kid's Halloween haul in the garbage.

    I am trying to hang in. Getting harder to taper. I just want to jump which I know would be incredibly stupid but I am not good with patience. I know I am still going to have to wean kratom and even with going low and slow on that, I think I will have a bit of a withdrawal. Thinking about planning that over the winter holidays when I am off for 2 weeks. Merry freaking Christmas to me but it makes sense from work standpoint. Hope you are all well.



  1. Hydroxyout
    Hey JD. End of taper can be much more challenging than the beginning. Part of it is realizing that your brain is starting to panic because it knows that soon you'll have to jump. It's hard but beneficial to tell your brain to shut the fuck up. At the end of my taper I felt a lot more withdrawal symptoms. My head knew that at some point soon it will have to live without suboxone and adjust.

    Patience is definitely key. That's something I didn't have because the original plan was to be on .25 mg per day for about a week and then .125 for about a week. Instead I got impatient and did .25 for like 3 days and then .125 for two days.

    Hang in there hon. Go slow and take your time. Listen to your body. You're close and that always puts a little fear in people. You have been resilient though this entire process and I have no doubt you'll come out on top.

    Hugs JD. I'll check in tomorrow.
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