Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 32

By Jungledog · Nov 4, 2014 · ·
  1. Day 13 of Loperamide Taper

    Dropping to 7. Think this part of taper does suck, really really bad. Hydroxyout, thanks for just reminding me that more than anything, this is a mind game. And it is a mind game I just have to push through. I am going to see if I can move toward only kratom in the next few days. Once there, I can just set up my final slow taper and be done with it. Right now it feels endless.

    Feeling my usual morning shittiness. Hopefully things will improve as I limp through the day. Hope you are all wonderful!


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    Day 13 of Taper Mid-Day

    The past few days have not been good mentally. I think it is because I am simply ready to be done with the loperamide. Tomorrow I am going to switch to just kratom and gabapentin. I will use the smallest dose of kratom I can to make the withdrawal bearable so I can work. I will take a few days to just stabilize and then I will bide by Ianzombie's tapering suggestions...not taking kratom on a schedule but taking only as I need to get through. I tried to jump to kratom from 200mg of oxy and it didn't work very well...so we will see. I got enough of just Maeng da to taper...so I don't jump back and forth between different strains. Trying to keep the alkaloids the same.

    Anyhow, once feeling somewhat human on the kratom dose, I will taper it slowly down to nothing. I am really hoping this will reduce my withdrawal at the end. Probably just wishful thinking but REALLY hoping spending all this time tapering will pay off. Would really suck to basically go through WEEKS of semi-withdrawal daily to taper down and then step off and get hit by hell symptoms anyhow. Ugh. That makes me sad just thinking about it. No, fuck that...THIS WILL WORK. I am suffering this so I can get through it, get off the opiates, and keep supporting my family as they need me and my income. I don't have 10 days to get the "flu" but if necessary I might be able to do it over the winter holidays. Been thinking on that...

    Hope you are all having a great fall day. Wishing you happy thoughts.



  1. Hydroxyout
    Hey hon.

    Yes tapering is fucking tough at the end. Your spirit will prevail though. You already have a plan and that's important. It's very nice that you have the support of your husband. That's a huge plus.

    Maybe you could up your Gabapentin dose when you hop off to just kratom? I don't know much about gabapenting but it seems like it's a helpful medication in withdrawal.

    Keep fighting. I think you already know this but think about all the people who are suffering right now who come across your journal and feel inspired to quit. You're helping more than just yourself and that's a great feeling. Hang on tight hon.
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