Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 321

By Jungledog · Mar 13, 2016 · ·
  1. Just a quick update. Doing well. About 30 days out right now from stopping. Had some Kratom yesterday for my neck pain. Pain has been manageable with topical stuff and my TENS unit.

    Feeling pretty good. I am often tired but think that related to my crazy jobs not recovery. Maybe it is opiate related? Who knows!!! Does not matter. Only thing to do is move forward.

    Hope all of you are doing well. Keep working to get this stuff out of your life or to keep it out of your life. It is possible!


  1. Once.up.on.a.time
    Your one amazing woman. I don't think you realise the true help and love you put in around here.

    Your life is way past full already. But you still find time to help others.

    I try but having come off my venlafaxine, doing another Oxycodone taper from 100mg. I'm at 10 now :) and my family life being a mess. My parents split due to my dads affair after 36 years together. As well as a demanding 3 year old. Who is also my solice in this mad world, as is my 9 year old.

    My mind has just flipped on me the past few weeks and I've done very little to help others which I feel so badly for. There are things in life I can't change and I am changing what little I can.

    Isn't it strange how I am able to write this to not strangers as I feel we're all friends here. But I can't speak the words even to my partner. I can't.

    Sorry I didn't come to visit you to moan about my life my apologies. I came to see how you are?

    And thank you for all the help you give. I bet you have saved more lives and more people from pain than you will ever know. And your legacy you have left for the generations which will precede us. Will also be saved from much hurt by your words.

    You have a unique ability, due to your knowledge, that no one else here does. Many in the medical field ( of which I have experienced more than anyone should need to in a lifetime at 33, but my problems will be for my lifetime ) are arrogant and self absorbed. I hope I don't offend you as its the stark difference between you and the medical professionals I've encountered.

    That makes you even more special. You are kind and giving and selfless beyond words. Thank you for being the amazing woman you are. And helping this community so very much.

    Aside from my wonderful doctor. I don't know any other medical professional who would care for others, especially on line and for free who would give so so much to others.

    My last appointment with my bladder specialist, I waited 3 hours past my appointment time, without explanation. No apology. He didn't even look at me the whole 3 mins I was in his office and simply referred me for another ultrasound. Despite me trying to tell him I had one 2 months ago so he should have the results.

    He talked over me, didn't even ask if the prior medications he had given me were working, and closed my file stood up and said bye you will receive a letter. He still had not looked at me the whole time.

    That is typical of my experience with medical professionals, aside from my GP who is the nicest man on earth.

    Despite not touching an illegal substance in 10 years as it flashes up on my records they look down on me as an addict and treat me like I'm not worthy of their time, as my bladder is a mess due to my drug use.

    So thank you also for showing me, like my GP, there are medical professionals whom are on the complete opposite side of that spectrum. But I still believe you are truly unique and have a heart of gold.

    I wish you were here and could be my doctor :)

    Sorry for the essay not sure what's come over me, I half want to delete it incase I sound self absorbed. When I just wanted to tell you how far you have come. And that you are truly unique and have a beautiful soul. Just thank you for all you give so selflessly.

    I'm always here if you need to talk. Or need someone to listen, or vent to.

    Much love and very deserved happiness to you. As well as some of my magic Fairy Dust :)

    Fairy Princess xxxxxxx
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