Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 40

By Jungledog · Nov 7, 2014 · ·
  1. Sat in sauna...140 degrees for 25 minutes. I feel so much better! I followed that with a shower switching from as hot as I could stand to really cold holding each for 1 minute. Now in PJs, sipping tea, gabapentin kicking in and will take restoril soon. Tomorrow I am going to get some clonidine. It is time to figure out how to control my symptoms well enough to taper and work. Has to be a way.


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    I am glad the story helped you. The sad part is in cardiology we see at least 2 cases a month of endocarditis from injecting pills. Get high people if you need to...but smoke, snort or chew. Iv pills is a really bad idea and just seems too many addicts do not know this.

    We all regret our opiate choices. God knows I am an absolute moron with high level medical training who KNEW what this shit could do and I still got caught up in it. We all think it won't happen to us. Now we know we have to dig out. You are right. It sucking on some level is a really good thing. God knows I do not want to do this a third time! I really wish I could sneak out 2 weeks from work and just get sick though.

    Hang in! Hugs, JD


  1. Cmenot
    I think there are a lot of people rooting for you Jungledog! I'm sorry the last couple days have been rough but I believe you will get through this. Just keep in mind that kratom is better than loperamide, which is better than oxy.
    You've come a really long way.. I think it will help you to go work out this weekend. You are so close to FREE. Keep your eye on the prize! AND-- Smack that hag!!!
  2. JonBenetMom
    I wish you could take work off also JD but honestly Im off work right now and I haven't done ANYTHING in days. I wish we couid take 2 weeks together at some super ridiculous resort where we can have acupuncture and massage every day and just get the shit out of our system!!
  3. Hydroxyout
    Hey girlie! Fuck yeah you're off the loperamide! Go you! I know how badly you want to be done with this but again, taking more kratom for a couple of days is way better than being on oxy or loperamide so give yourself a big hug from me because the end is mear. You'll beat this shit no problem.

    Keep inspiring people and keep being your awesome strong self.

    Hope you get some sleep hon. Sweet dreams.
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