Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 41

By Jungledog · Nov 7, 2014 · ·
  1. Day 16, 2 off loperamide, day 3 of kratom

    It is 4:30 am and my achy body woke me. Last night I did not take kratom at bedtime so last dose was 6pm. So made it almost 11 hours. Would have nice to have slept longer but 7 hours will get me through. I had an early morning planned anyhow so this gives me time to catch up on posts and enjoy my coffee with my loyal dog. Coffee brewing!

    I took 2 tsps of kratom. I think today I am going to plan a schedule. Waiting till I feel like shit didn't work well cuz I always felt like shit! So aiming for 6-7 hours between doses. Knowing that I can have a dose at 11am (next) takes my focus off it. I just push myself to get there. Today I get more gabapentin and that really helps although tolerance with that shit builds really fast.

    Ahhh my first sip of coffee!!! Have I mentioned I love coffee? I am addicted to that too although I quit it no problem when my adrenals were messed up. Not good for you but sure tastes good!

    Well I am in a better frame of mind today especially after reading your replies. Cmenot thanks so much for reminding me that others are cheering for me. Sometimes I feel so lonely. Hydroxyout, thanks for reminding me I have beat 2 drugs so far and am on my last leg here. I just need to taper and be free! And JBM, I would love to be on an island sipping a refreshing tropical juice while being pampered! Oh to have the money to go to one of those detoxes!!! But that reminds me. My insurance covers acupuncture. I need to get there. It really helps my pain.

    Ok off to catch up on your threads and will check back later. Love you guys!!!


    Ps I will slap the hag!!!!!

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    Walked 4 miles. Feel a little shaky but ok. Gonna make my green smoothie and get off to work! Doing ok, doing ok. If I keep my head together, all will be well, JD

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    Mid Day update

    Got to 11am. Took 2 tsps kratom. Feeling really pretty good. Had lunch with my Mom. Was nice. I want this soooo bad. Just took some more gabapentin. It helps. Hope you are all well. Going to try to wait on next dose until bedtime. Not sure I will make it but will try! JD

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    Another update: 5:20 pm

    Feeling ok. Ended up busting my ass seeing a shit ton of new patient consults on my day off but had I not gone the doctor I work with probably would be considering quitting. ER was a train wreck. It was apparently national chest pain day....12 of the 13 new were chest pain...only one real. #13 was a suicide attempt that likely will end up successful. Alcoholic. I stood there looking at him ruminating on this awful disease of addiction and what it does to us. Ugh.

    I did well. Both with surviving patients and my own withdrawal. Made it 6 hours between doses and kept to 2 tsp. Tomorrow I will likely do the same and then start dropping each dose by 1/4 tsp. i did this once before and did well but then stupidly picked up my oxy prescription.

    My pain SUCKS. Really it is amazing to me that we have no other options. I mean really it is tylenol or NSAIDs OR opiates. I truly think eventually tylenol will get pulled from the market. Too many deaths. Company has a lot of power so it has stayed longer than it should have. Long term NSAIDs rip up your stomach and cause cardiovascular issues. And opiates well they make you constipated and given enough time will completely fuck your neuro-endocrine system. What else is there??? I mean heat, ice, bengay and acupuncture only go so far. The whole thing sucks.

    And not to give you TMI but think the loperamide gone. I pooped six times today! No diarrhea just going. Relieved about this. Was worried I would end up with serious runs but so far not an issue. No loperamide in 60 hours.

    Ok well so far took total of 6 tsps kratom. Will take one more at bedtime in the hopes to sleep longer than 4 am. So down 2 tsps today!



  1. Hydroxyout
    Dude you're really kickin ass like never before. You sound a lot better today. I can almost tell by your post how high your spirits are at the moment. You know you got this so keep flying high and slapping that hag around!

    I'm real proud. I don't personally know you but I really feel pride inside. Fuck yeah! Kicking ass all day long JD!

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