Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 50

By Jungledog · Nov 10, 2014 · ·
  1. GDW,

    Yeah, the avocado thing was funny as hell. I did not realize it was in there until I turned it on and there was this loud thump and grind and I knew what he had done!:s In reality seeds are the most nutritious part if any plant...literally the life force that grows into a new plant. If you "sprout" your seeds or nuts by soaking them in cold water overnight, draining and then dehydrating or lightly roasting...you have a VERY nutritious snack.

    I am glad my nutrition stuff is helpful. I have really been learning it these past few years. I guess in some way I knew the opiates were fucking up my body and this somehow made it better...and it did until I hit the 5 year mark, underwent a very significant period of stress (spouse lost job, marriage shaky, nightmare) and my adrenals and thyroid tanked.

    While I know some of it and perhaps most of it was related to the intense stress (which will make you sick people), much of my 26 pound weight gain was related to deregulation of my HPA axis by the opiates. I stopped following my healthy diet, stopped exercising, and upped my oxy use. My pain WAS worse but that probably was simply related to the intense stress. Opiates will FUCK your endocrine system if given enough time. Get off them people, trust me on this shit.

    Today has been hard. I only took 1 tsp of kratom this morning. I also reduced my gabapentin dose. I need this to come down as I am building a tolerance. I need it to work again when I jump off. When I jump I will also have clonidine handy. I have 45 more minutes to the 7 hour mark. I can do it. Just keep distracting myself with work and luckily I had to be with patients this morning which kept my mind mostly off my damn achy legs. They aren't really restless....just this deep, unrelenting ache. Really, really annoying? Have I mentioned it is annoying? Ugh.

    How are you doing my dear? Starting to feel a bit better?



  1. Roaddoggy
    Jungle Boy, You may very well be the second DFer that has managed to successfully beat the Loperamide dragon, and documented it, all online. Next you must get off the kratom. But realize you should not move to fast on this. I say this, simply because Loperamide has a long lasting Withdrawal.

    I feel at this point, the Kratom, it holding you, and keeping you from being loperamide sick. I feel if you try to get off the Kratom too fast, the Loperamide withdrawals, will sort of bleed through. Resulting in the loperamide withdrawals to come back.

    Keep in mind it took me over 100 days to begin to feel normal. So with that said, I believe its the kratom, keeping you as well as you are.

    Never the less you are off Loperamide, which is a big step. You should feel so proud you have earned it. Remember there probably are a lot more undocumented cases of beating loperamide. But as far as documented, I have only been able to find 3 cases, where the individual, successfully got off Loperamide, me being one of them, Mad Margret, and another case, on another forum.

    But other than that, there's tons of unfinished attempts, to get off loperamide, all over the web. I just want you to know I am rooting for you. If you know manage to ween off the Kratom, which many folks have done. Hell we have a Kratom addiction mega thread on here, with tons of folks who have reported success. If you manage to pull this off, you will be the 4th documented case of kicking Loperamide. Sure cant wait until you join the club. Its not a club I am proud of, but one I am dam glad to be a part of. Wishing you the Best. much love. Roaddog....
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