Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 51

By Jungledog · Nov 10, 2014 · ·
  1. Well, I made it 7 hours but then went up a little to 1.25 tsp. The 1 tsp dose this morning might have been too little of a dose as I was really hurting. I ended up sitting in a scalding hot bath with Epsom salts that was rudely interrupted by a call to a meeting that I had no idea I was supposed to attend. I am still sitting on this damn call and considering ripping my eyeballs from their sockets. On the upside, the kratom is working and the achiness in my legs has lessened. Downside is I still have not eaten lunch. :( JD

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    Thanks for your support. My thoughts on this is every person has a different genetic make-up. I see it in practice all the time. Some people do great with a particular drug and others have an awful time with the same drug. Research is now supporting this. We actually do cheek swabs on our patients and do a genetic screen to see which drugs are most appropriate for them.

    From my perspective, loperamide simply didn't have a strong hold on me. I used it off and on for months and never experienced a withdrawal from it exactly when I jumped back and forth from it to oxy/morphine....which really should have happened (if it is so strong). At one point my pain management doctor placed me on Fentanyl patches. I took them for one month and frankly they didn't help my pain much nor did I have trouble switching back to a different opiate. Loperamide and Fentanyl are very similar. I may just have a genetic tolerance so to speak. Who knows?

    As for withdrawals, the reality is we addicts work hard to avoid them...tapering, weaning, switching addictions back and forth from one opiate to another or to kratom or loperamide. IF you taper slowly down from the harder shit, and then taper the kratom, you will have a lesser withdrawal...but you WILL have withdrawal. No free rides with this shit. The very worst way to stop is to jump...which is exactly what I did last time from 200mg oxy plus 60 MsContin and I fucking hurt like a bitch for 60 days until I finally gave up and started back on the opiates. I got 6 weeks so far off the oxy (first 10 days was Kratom, then next 4 weeksish I used loperamide but tapering the whole time, and now kratom). I have never been on this low of a dose of kratom EVER so I know my tolerance is dropping.

    Time will tell. I really do hope to join your club. You were my inspiration to get clean. I will be ever grateful.


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    Day 19 Mid-Day

    Well, just had my first slip. Not oxy, not hydro...flushed that shit. I was feeling BAD. Think I tried to drop too fast. I just went and took another tsp of kratom. Can't fucking stand the achy leg thing. I took more motrin and said "fuck it" and took more gabapentin too. Ugh. I mean it isn't all bad. Today I still have only had 3.25 tsps. kratom but I screwed the dosing interval all up. Double ugh. What the hell IS the achy leg thing????

    At least I managed to bake that chocolate beet cake. Think I am going to go console myself with a piece.



  1. Roaddoggy
    ^^^ Shit, I would not call what you did a slip. Sounds like a necessary need. I know exactly what you mean, by every ones genetic make up is different. I hope like hell this is easy for you.

    because you said it right. Jumping off High numbers is insane, which is exactly what I did. Well you know, I am watching, and here to lend any help. I know one thing. Your pretty tough to have gone so far, so fast. Much Love. Roaddog....
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