Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 55

By Jungledog · Nov 11, 2014 · ·
  1. JBM,

    I AM proud of you! Kicking the opiate dragon and getting healthy. We have to have something else that makes us feel well and shifts are focus from drugs. I can think of nothing better than a healthy diet and exercise. I am going to keep posting on the food. Been getting PM's asking questions so I will try to keep teaching. No I have never see Somersaults but I will look for them.

    As for the feet, burning in your feet is classic sign of neuropathy. NOT saying you have that but am saying if you go to the doctor and tell him you have this you will be prescribed gabapentin for it's intended use. I love this drug in withdrawal. It helps like everything...even the achy leg thing better some. I feel when it is wearing off. Also helps mood and does not interfere with antidepressants or anything. Keep kicking ass!

    Day 20, can't even remember what day of the kratom taper this is???

    Can you fucking believe I have been posting here for 20 days??! Feels like a lifetime...seriously. And I had been struggling through detox off oxy for about a month before I found DF. That is a little depressing that I have been at this shit for almost 2 months and I am STILL not really clean. I am "cleaner" though for whatever that is worth. I also am starting to think different.

    For the past 2 days I have had a low level migraine. My neurologist calls them atypical which is a fancy word for the fact that NOTHING helps them go away. I still have the old bottle of hydrocodone and I was seriously thinking about taking ONE for the headache. But I didn't. I just took Motrin, Tylenol, kratom and used ice. Unfortunately think it is just a pre-menstrual migraine (sorry for the TMI) and I just have to ride it out. In the past, I would have taken the hydrocodone even though it makes me nauseated...just would have added Zofran.

    OK so some good news. My tolerance has to be dropping...finally. Yes, I took a boatload of shit to help me sleep, plus the sauna, plus had fun with my hubby (yes I know more TMI...but if you can have LOTS of sex because it releases endorphins too and God knows we need them) but then I slept all night. I slept from 11 to 6:30....7.5 hours! I woke a bit achy but not my usual death warmed over feeling. I took the dog out, made my coffee, and came here. I took more motrin, Tylenol, and 1 tsp Kratom. I held to 3.25 tsps. yesterday...so let's see what I can do. I really feel OK except for the nagging headache.

    Meal wise: Last night we had spaghetti squash. Cut those suckers in half. Scoop out the seeds and save to add to your morning green smoothie (remember seeds great source of nutrition). Put a little coconut oil in your roasting pain and then bake them face down for 45min-1 hour at 350. Then flip them over than use a fork to shred it. It ends up looking like pasta. I love it as does my husband. My son does not like the texture so I make him organic wheat/veggie pasta. His pasta get's tossed with cut up spinach. He KNOWS greens make you stronger so he eats them without issue. He wants to be the strongest kid in his class. :) See how you get the little ones to eat it??? Anyhow, both were tossed with marinara sauce and a little parmesan cheese on top. We had chocolate beet cake for dessert. This is made from organic (so not genetically fucked with) flour, 4 large red beets (steamed and cooled and blended in your high power blender or food processer), 2-3 organic eggs, 1.5 cups stevia, 1/2 cup cocoa, 2 cups organic whole wheat flour (read not genetically fucked with) 1.5 tsp vanilla, dash a salt, 1.5 tsps. baking soda, and 1/4 cup almond milk to make the batter thinner (more cake like). Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Cut, sprinkle with organic powdered sugar (no, this is NOT good for you but at least it isn't beached or ground with animal bones like the regular shit) and watch your family inhale!

    We do eat primarily vegan. Working in cardiology I have seen vegan diets reverse heart disease...meaning the plaque goes away. The last patient had had a heart cath 4 years ago and it showed that both her LAD & RCA (two main vessels feeding the left and right side of the heart) were 50% occluded. She was on a statin (which she had already been on for 5 years and was having issues with it) so the statin was stopped and she was agreeable to going vegan and she went hard core....no animal anything. The doctor I work with just cathed her 4 months ago and her lesions had reversed to 10%! There is little research on this stuff because the pharm companies can't market healthy food in a pill. Pisses me off. We tell every one of our patients about this diet. Some are willing to try and succeed, others look at it and think we are just nuts. Good books to read are Eat to Live by Joel Furhman MD and The China Study by Powel. The latter is not the best human study from my perspective but the animal studies are compelling and scary. OK, am I allowed to reference books? Or is that breaking source rules? I don't want to get banned for recommending a book.

    The issue is NOT animals. The issue is how they are raised. We are destroying the source of our food for money. Rent the movie Food, Inc. It is a real eye opener and will piss you off. Go ahead and eat animals if you want but get them from a local farmer that raises them on a pasture the way nature intended not in a fucking factory farm standing up to their knees in their own shit being fed genetically modified corn which makes them incredibly sick (how many cows do you see out grazing on corn???) and then because they are sick we inject them with antibiotics and steroids. I for one have NO intention of eating that shit anymore. Get your stuff raised right or caught wild. And still shift your diet to more plants. Plants contain way more nutrients than animals plus they best source of antioxidants which stop the destruction of your body.

    Read about genetically modified food and see why our products and meat are banned in other countries.

    Also please understand that plants contain enough protein to more than sustain life. The question I get everyday from someone is WHERE do you get your protein? Well, beans, greens, and nuts. Think on this folks. The largest animals in the world are elephants, giraffes, or think of the size of your local cow. What do they eat? Green leaves and green grass filled with chlorophyll from the sun. If these animals get that big on just greens why the hell would it not sustain humans??? It does people, it does. And as you shift to eating this way you will watch your body morph. You will naturally and easily return to your perfect weight, your skin glows, and people start to ask you "hey, what are you doing?" And then you pass on what you learned...pay it forward.

    Our family does eat raw goat cheese, organic eggs, organic parmesan cheese, organic butter and occasionally wild caught fish (usually if out at a restaurant). No my food bill is not ridiculous. I found a local farmer's market and do almost all my shopping there for cheap. Look for one near you. Then with the left over money I go to the health food store for the more expensive organic stuff. My family is RARELY ill.

    OK, stepping off the soapbox. Hope this is helpful. The kratom is kicking in and I feel fine. Have to do some writing today. Love you guys. Keep kicking ass and make me proud. Going to go walk soon.


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    Mid Day 20, think day 7 or so of kratom taper

    I have achy legs. Big fucking surprise. :( THIS is the reason I keep pushing to get off. It matters not how much kratom I take...the symptoms may let up a little but they never fucking go away. So I might as well taper and jump. Once I am off, the achiness should run its course and I will start to heal my terribly screwed up brain and HPA axis. Sticking to 1 tsp. Trying hard to make it another hour or two. Almost hour 6.



  1. Cmenot
    Thank you so much for taking the time to recommend books and a movie and for explaining your reasoning. I LOVE steak... Rare, juicy STEAK. I crave BEEF...and BACON... I wish there was an organic source but living in Alaska, the choices are fish or chicken and moose, caribou or bear meat. I am going to order the eat to live book, its not the first time I've heard it recommended. Are you taking gabapentin? I was thinking you were, if so, maybe an increase in that dose. If you aren't, maybe you should try it... it could help with the legs AND migraines. Thanks again for taking the time to post really good info!
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