Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 62

By Jungledog · Nov 14, 2014 · ·
  1. The worst part about this is we put my son's first cat down 2 years ago and now happening again. I feel so bad for him. Crying about his cat, puking, fever 104. I have to see a patient at 10 am and then I plan to come work from home. Thanks for kind words. It is appreciated. Animals have a special place. Hard to let them go! JD

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    Day 23, survived ysterday just barely survived

    Well, thankfully I always keep antibiotics around for this purpose (one benefit of prescribing) and am feeling physically a bit better. Got a dose into my son but he spiked so fast with that fever he is probably going to be sick a few days despite the antibiotic plus grief suppresses your immune system. I just feel so bad for him.

    Work was really busy again. Saw patients. Taught a class. I have so much shit to grade and paperwork to do it is sad. I also need to write. Going to be doing this shit all weekend. Today I have to go take care of a colleague. This is why I can't blow off my 10 am appointment. My poor husband is going to take the rest of the animals to the vet.

    Anyway, how did yesterday go despite the drama? It went ok. I kept to the decreased gabapentin dose and to 3 tsp kratom. I took 1 tsp this morning. Trying to keep to this. Don't feel all that great and with drama, I think I may just slow down a bit and hold. Maybe this is wrong but I am getting by with just the 3 tsps and that is the lowest dose of kratom I have ever taken. I did take my restoril last night and slept from 11-5 so 6 good hours.

    How are the rest of you doing? Hydroxyout? How are cravings? JBM, how's the taper? LG, how you doing out in the cold tundra?? GDW, haven't seen you in awhile! Hope everything good! Cmenot, you too! Hope all is well. And RoadDog you know you are always in my prayers...I can never thank you enough for showing me the way out....which is simply to WANT out and to just freaking do it. Fuck the pain people. It does end...the only way out is the hard way but it is so worth it.

    Hugs to all,

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    Mid Day on Day 23

    Dragging a bit. I am just so damn ready to feel GOOD again. Damn this shit takes awhile. So on that note I held 7 hours from first dose to the second and I reduced it to .75 tsp. Holding gabapentin. Feel ok just really, really tired. I miss energy...a lot! :(

    Family drama sucking. Had to put the cat down. Awaiting results on other animals. Have a shit ton of work to do and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Got stopped by another doctor this morning and wants to have dinner to discuss a job offer. Felt a bit weird as he is a competitor but hey he is great guy and never close doors. Guess I will be going to dinner!

    Hope you are all good! Keep kicking!!!



  1. Cmenot
    Things are going well here, thanks for asking. When it rains it pours!! My coworkers noticed improvements in my stress tolerance and anxiety level after I stopped opiates. I think my confidence level improved as well. It doesn't surprise me that you are being approached with a job offer! I'm so sorry about your cat and your kids having to grieve AND fight off a virus + strep. Sending good wishes and positive thoughts for the other pets and for wellness.

    This thread is a bright spot of hope and inspiration!

    Keep it up all!
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