Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 70

By Jungledog · Nov 17, 2014 · ·
  1. Yeah but I have still been taking Kratom. In the past hour, I have started to feel a bit queasy and my headache sucks. I just took more Motrin and zofran and 1 tsp kratom. Feeling like a migraine which sucks. At my kid's soccer game. Have my eyes closed because the sun killing me. Ugh.

    Meal wise green smoothie breakfast & veggie sandwich lunch. No exercise as I really have a lot of work to do today which is sucking with a headache. Check in later.


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    Day 25 evening

    Ok all. I am amazed. Think I may be turning a corner here. I have taken 1 tsp of kratom today and I feel freakishly fine. I have been taking Delysm for my cough so wondering if the DXM is helping? No clue but feeling ok. Even moderated my gabapentin dose. Seriously folks, I am going to be so damn excited if this ride is soon coming to an end!!!! Almost 2 fucking months of persistant shittiness. WTF??? Has anyone else experienced this with a kratom taper? I mean do you just step off and be fine? It just doesn't seem possible but after all this crappy time I would be eternally grateful.


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    Oh and I splurged on dinner. Had eggplant Parmesan. Was thin and breaded perfect! Skipped the pasta and had salad and broccoli on side. Waitresses always treat me like a freak with all my requests but I really do try to steer clear of gluten (although was some in breading and it was fried which was the splurge) and contaminated animal products. So yeah I was like "i would like the eggplant with just marinara, hold the pasta and bread. Can I have broccoli and a salad on the side please?" I might be nuts but my cells are thanking me. :) JD


  1. lostlygirl
    Sounds yummy! Sorry about the headache but I am glad you have turned a corner.

    Hugs xxoo
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