Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 81

By Jungledog · Nov 19, 2014 · ·
  1. Good morning all! I got out the yoga book last night and made sure I did the insomnia combo right. I slept almost 7 hours without Restoril.

    GDW, I am not offended. I was moving too fast. I actually should have stuck to my initial plan with loperamide. I really do not think my symptoms have anything to do with the loperamide. Been off awhile and while I understand the half life, I tapered the whole time so it should be gone.

    I need to slow down my taper which is what I am doing and take care of me. No coffee, lots of yoga, etc. Yes, I am under a lot of stress. It did not help that this week I was assigned to a new administrative role at work. I always get picked for these leadership things which normally is fine but right now the last freaking thing I need is MORE responsibility. This really stressed me out.

    Hydroxyout, thanks as always for your kind words. And GDW I know you love me too. I plan to get through this shit. I really do.

    Off to work. It is my busy day, hugs, JD


  1. lostlygirl
    Wishing you love and peace on your busy day. You will find the answer for this, my friend.

    Hugs xxoo
  2. JonBenetMom
    Hi friend-
    Why ya hating on kratom?? Are you actually "toss and wash"ing it? I take capsules and remove half the capsule so that I dont taste it but I also dont have to wait for the capsule to melt. I love kratom. Kratom affects me a lost exactly the same way that tramadol was MINUS some of the yucky tramadol side effects. In any event- you missy- you need to CHILL OUT and relax on yourself and the perfectionist crap. That stuff is like a drug within itself. I know that many type A women are actually that way because of trauma/ptsd they've survived. It feels good to be in control when you have been in trauma where you were not in control but it also is very stressful. I hope you can find new ways to "let go " of the reigns a little bit and look back to see how FAR on this ride you have come. No one forced you to get off the Oxy. YOU did it for yourself. You used an "alternative" method and then you responsibly tapered down. You have walked a billion miles up a hill. Its ok to stop and take a rest. And by rest I mean- a rest on your self and the intensity of the counting and the measuring ,etc. If you need to hold for a few days- allow it. Look how FAR you have come. Lord. You're like a marathoner at the 24th mile. It is crystal clear you are going to make it to the finish and no one is chasing behind you so if yu have to stop to pee and rest.. do it. Im very happy that those stressful days are behind you and Im sorry about your cat and your daughters test. I wish you could find a time to go get a massage. Is that a possibility? There has to be a place near you???

    Anyways. I jumped. I am 24 hours off of Tramadol. Haven't dipped into lopes and if I continue feeling this OK I won't have to. I feel ecstatic. Still on kratom but Im not in a rush to start my taper till I get another week or so totally tramadol free. I think I will start my taper the day after Thanksgiving. Its not realistic for me to start anytime sooner. Thanksgiving is a hard time in my family- my dad took his life on Thanksgiving when I wa sin my 20s. Knowing myself like I do- I will want to "medicate" that day and then I can start the process of cleaning up my body and mind and spirit. Im also quitting my job soon. It sucks because I love my job so much. I mean LOVE. It will be an enormous grief process but its best for me and I have to go. So- lots of change here- cleaning up and getting healthier. :) :) Thanks for being my friend.
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