Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 82

By Jungledog · Nov 19, 2014 · ·
  1. Ok. So I found today that I felt pretty damn good with kratom doses at 2 tsps. I can go 6-7 hours between doses. I have spent a bit of time thinking on this. My new plan is to simply hold at this dose for a week-10 days. Then I will begin to drop by 1/4 tsp at each dose every week or so. As I get down lower then I space the intervals and start skipping doses and eventually jump.

    Following this plan I could be off in 3 months with less stress on my adrenals. I will continue my diet and self care. I want out so I will do it. Not my original nor my second plan but it seems workable. If this fails, my last option is suboxone.

    Long day and very tired. Hope you are all well. Love and hugs, JD

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    Thanks for your support. Yes, you are right. I am hard on myself but honestly I think it is more that I just want to be done. I want to feel well again! It isn't so much about being perfect as just not wanting my life to revolve around this shit anymore. I do not feel well on the kratom...just don't. Genetics? Idk but glad you do!

    Congrats on your jump! Very proud of you. :) I think your plan to taper slowly is a good one and we can support each other as we go.

    Please know that your post made me smile and laugh. I need that. I have no doubts that we both will succeed.

    Hugs, JD


  1. Lilacs46
    Hello, this is my first post, though I havee been reading here for a while now. I found the following on another website and I am currently following what was posted, so if you do end up going the sub route, this hopefully will be your best bet and you won't have to worry about long term use. Today is my first day on subs and I stared at 1mg and have felt good so far all day. I have been using tramadol and oxy for almost ten years. I started to oxy after my doctor took me off the tramadol when I failed a drug test. I don't smoke pot, but the guy I rent a room to does and I now know that second hand smoke, even when not in the same room will affect you. The worst part is that the pot he was smoking was laced with pcp. (I was wondering why I was having panick attacks and now i know) Anyway, here is what the person posted.

    [Qoute] So my example would be this;
    throw out the pills, have 1 8mg Sub. wait till your in withdrawals. Best way is take last dose of Oxy at 9 pm, the next morning wait it out, you would have covered much of the time during the night. When you feel like shit, take .5mg of Sub and wait 1/2 hour. If your fine stop if not take .5mg more and then stop. Next day Day 2 -1mg Day 3 -.75mg Day 4 -.5 mg Day 5 -.5mg Day 6 -.25mg Day 7-.25mg Day 8 - Skip Day 9 -.25mg Day 10 - Stop. Total Subs Taken = 4.5mg The rest is mental and the hardest part. You will have 3.5mg Sub left but don't take it unless your really sick and only take .25mg or less. This way you can work, and function without a problem, your physical withdrawals will be minimal and you will not have an addiction to Subs (if you stop at this point) . After you stop the Subs it's all you and make the life changes you need, seek help if you need too. But whatever way you decide it will all come down to you and your desire to stop. No pill, taper, rehab or anything got someone to stop, it was a tool. Only the individual can actually make that change to stop completely. ANyone who uses any type of Opiate for an extended period will have withdrawals. So, yes if you take take Subs for years your gonna suck eggs when you stop. Just don't use any more than the 8mg and taper. People stop using, a pill can't do that for you but a week of Subs will make your detox 100% more comfortable. You can succeed - regards [/Qoute]

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    Sorry, I misspelled quote and I can't figure out how to edit the post.
  2. Jungledog

    Thanks for your post. I actually am familiar with rapid sub taper and is something my pain doctor uses. My issue is deciding if I want suboxone in my medical record and state substance control records. It is an issue for me with my job. Once I feel better and adrenals ok, I am fine with jumping from kratom which is legal in my state.

    Hope your detox goes well. :) JD
  3. Lilacs46
    Too bad you don't know someone who has an 8mg strip of sub, then no one would know. I didn't go to a Dr to get this one. Someone I know had it and passed it on to me. I hate my Dr, because i have legit pain. I have osteoarthritis in my hip(I have no Cartilage in my right hip. The ER Dr said I need a hip replacement)and knees and am in constant pain and because of the test she stopped all meds without giving me anything to taper me off.

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    BTW, what exactly is Kratom and how would one go about getting it?
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