Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 83

By Jungledog · Nov 20, 2014 · ·
  1. Lilacs,

    I also can't risk my license sharing opiates or obtaining illegally. I find myself in a very lonely place. Pretty much everyone else can ask for help. Health care providers can ask for help but that help is likely to come with significant sanctions. Sad but we are not supposed to be human.

    Kratom is a plant that sits on mu receptors. A quick google search will help you out.


    Jungledog added 92 Minutes and 56 Seconds later...

    End of Day 28

    Sticking to my kratom hold. Played with dose and while still not feeling fantastic, I do feel much better. I feel best at a 2 tsp dose so will hold this for awhile. It is still much less than my previous 5 tsps. dose and I just keep reminding myself of this.

    Had some time to reflect tonight. JBM & GDW's comments about my perfectionism and drive hit home. I am more than aware of my flaws...the funny thing is these traits have also been quite positive things that have allowed me to climb to the top of my field and pretty much excel at all that I do. It is the reason why I consistently get promoted. The negative shows up on the emotional side...where I torture myself to be "good enough." I asked myself a lot of hard questions this evening. The first was "why do you do this?" And the answer is control. My earlier traumas have left me needing to be the one in control and not the one controlled. I do not know how to change this behavior. I guess it just helps to be more aware.

    I decided that one of the things I want to do with this journal is really help others get clean and stay that way. One way I can do this is by obviously achieving this myself. I am working on this! :) The other thing is to share what I know about nutrition, health, medicine, and wellness...and of these topics I am fairly well informed. I certainly have OPINIONS and this means it is just my belief system and I do not mean to offend anyone by sharing these beliefs. So I figure I will talk about something each night.

    So why veganism? Or near veganism for health? Well, I have already addressed that factory farmed animals are fed corn which changes the omega-3 to omega-6 ratio and that they are ridden with steroids and antibiotics. They are also deprived clean living conditions, fresh air, and are plain sick. I do not like the idea of feeding my family sick animal on a plate. I do believe that clean animals raised on grass or harvested wild can be exceptional foods but I still do not think you should eat a lot of them. Why?

    Animals products, especially meat, are high in two things...protein and iron. There are quite a number of studies out that suggest that protein levels over 15-20% are cancer promoting. Guess what animal protein causes cancer to grow very well? Well enough that they use it to grow cancer cells in laboratories? Casein. This is the protein found in cow milk. So I have practically eliminated dairy from my diet. We use almond milk. I do not think dairy milk, even if raised cleanly is something to be eaten by humans regularly. I mean why did we choose cows? Why didn't we pick gorilla milk? WHO thought drinking the milk of another species that contains strong hormones and high fat/calories (especially the milk of a cow that is meant to turn a baby calf into a 1600 lb animal in one year) was such a great idea??? I mean just forget what they taught you in kindergarten...who came up with this shit and why? Money people! Got Milk! Maybe we should ask "Got cancer??" Just say no.

    Iron is an oxidant. Oxidants cause inflammation and destruction in the body. Yes, we need iron to help the body bind hemoglobin which carries oxygen but we do NOT need too much of it. Excess iron simply erodes the body. Women are able to shed excess iron via their periods but men are stuck with what they take in. My male patients with heart disease and/or cancer or high family history are cautioned about eating too much meat. I ask them to limit it to one or two days per week.

    Plants help the body in a myriad of ways...many of which we are still discovering. Plants contain fiber, are low calorie but very nutrient dense, contain phytonutrients, and powerful antioxidants. They literally protect us from the excess of iron. Our society thinks popping a vitamin meets our requirements but newer research is teaching us that the nutrients in plants work synergistically...meaning that nature has linked nutrients to each other so they are better absorbed. A lot of vitamins just get peed back out. You want to get nutrients from good, whole, fresh or frozen fruits and veggies. Plants also, especially green plants, have plenty of protein. I am finding more and more professional athletes are turning to plant based diets. Another good book is "Thrive" by Brendan Brazier who is a vegan professional ironman triathlete. I find it is a book guys who like to work out really enjoy and when they follow it they find they achieve athletic goals easier and quicker.

    Green foods are the MOST nutrient dense, disease preventing plants available. They should be eaten daily in large amounts. I eat a green smooth smoothie at least once daily and I shoot for twice. Each smoothie contains at least 4 cups of greens. It is important to rotate greens. Gorillas (which are HUGE mammals) eat primarily greens to survive and they eat from many different trees each day. Greens I regularly include are spinach, kale, chard, baby greens, romaine, and mustard. I also include herbs like mint, basil, dill, dandelion, etc. Greens freeze so if you live in a cold climate you can harvest in summer, put in your freezer, and grind into your smoothies in the winter. I find I get tired of salads and tired of literally chewing greens but ground up in a fruit smoothie...it is easy to get a ton in and remember to add some fat to your smoothie or salad for better absorption...so chia seeds, flax seeds, or avocado.

    Well that was tonight's mini lesson. Hope this helps you all heal your opiate worn bodies. Love to you, JD


  1. Cmenot
    Hi JD, I'm sorry I haven't kept up on this thread! Sorry you've had a rough time. I wondered if that norco would haunt you but I have to think its timing is coincidental. I think it DID help you feel better for a day, but then a lot of stresses came together and caused the adrenal issues.. Weaning both the gabapentin and kratom might be a bad idea. I hate that you have to cut back on exercise. I understand getting tired of feeling like shit, only you can make the decision of whether to continue your taper or just get the awfulness over with. You are in my thoughts..wishing you some peace and good restful sleep!
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