Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 95

By Jungledog · Nov 23, 2014 · ·
  1. Day 32 Kratom Taper

    I slept 8 solid hours!!!!! No adrenal symptoms. I lost a pound. This means my body has quit stressing. I am sooo happy! Last night I did my yoga while listening to soft music, took Clonidine 0.2mg, some Nyquil, and slept like a baby. NO benzos. I am a little tired this morning. Just took my kratom and am sitting here sipping fresh mint tea. BTW, spearmint tea is high in antioxidants, soothes belly issues, reduces stress, and reduces pain. It is healing in one steaming cup. :)

    My thoughts are this turned around because I finally gave myself 2 days off from work. I needed them. Yes, I have been doing my self care and held the kratom for a few days but I do have a confession of sorts. Yesterday, I dropped every other dose of kratom by 1/8 a tsp. I will do the same today and as long as I feel good and the symptoms stay away, then in a few days I will drop by an 1/8 tsp at each dose. Trust me people I will not go too fast. AI scares me more than anything I have ever experienced. I do not want to be sick.

    My endocrinologist is a colleague. He does not know about the kratom but knows about the oxy and thinks I am still tapering that. I spoke with him Thursday and told him about my symptoms and he gave me some advice about the tapering. Basically said to drop only if sleeping well, weight dropping, and feeling good and to only drop by very small amounts. He also seemed to think I should be able to drop every 3-5 days (not holding a week). His thoughts are the opiates are just fucking my endocrine system up and being off them is the only thing that will allow my body to heal. He is a really smart guy so I trust his opinion. NO LECTURES please. I am going to go slow here people...I am though going to start tapering again. How many days I hold will depend fully on how I feel and what is going on. For example, next week I have house guests, the holiday, and I am on call. I will be holding my dose during that time even if I feel great.

    Well, off to check other threads and then for a long walk. I am feeling good folks, really good. :)


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    I just re-read my journal. I realized that today is the FIRST day I feel good. I am not feeling like shit. I am tired but hell I expect to be until my body heals all this shit. But yeah, I finally feel OK after 2.5 months off the oxy, a month of so off the loperamide, and now down to the kratom. I saw how quickly I tapered before and it wasn't smart. I ignored the warnings of mid-night awakening which is classic AI. I will not be doing that now. I want done and forcing done is not the way to get there. Slow and steady; little drops. This is the right path for me. Hardest part will be fighting my nature to just muscle up and jump! LOL

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    Just finished my 4 mile walk. A bit tired. It was really windy but the sun was out. Temperatures are starting to drop here but we never get all that low. Last few years we did get temps that dipped into the 30s which is interesting as some older Florida homes do not have heat. But most of the time we stay in 60-70s during the day and I LOVE this time of year.

    Ok off to drink my green smoothie. This one spinach, kale , collards, and mustard with chia seeds and frozen tropical fruit. Super thick and filling. :)



  1. Hydroxyout
    Hey JD sorry I haven't been around. I'm glad you're feeling good and letting your body heal. That's very important. I'v thought about you a lot these past few days. Your support has gotten me through some tough times. Thank you.
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