Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 97

By Jungledog · Nov 23, 2014 · ·
  1. Yeah no shit! I made the mistake though because my daughter was making cookies and she went to grab the measuring spoons. I took the wrong spoon off the ring. Anyhow, I realized my mistake when I went to put the spoon back on the ring. I can cook but ironically I hate baking. Most shit in baked goods even when homemade is garbage.

    I am sautéing up onions, peppers, zucchini and yellow squash. This will be topped with marinara sauce. Yum!!



  1. smith9666
    Mmmm that sounds good. Was needing some dinner ideas. I've been starving all day (even though I have been eating all day LOL).
  2. lostlygirl
    I rarely ever get hungry, I never have. Isn't that wierd? I count calories only to make sure I get enough to eat, and am very happy when I have reached my 2,000 for the day. I'm seriously considering buying those 100% fully nutritional food shakes you can buy on amazon just so I can eat and be done with it. I think opiates make that 100% worse and have noticed I eat more now I am on a better dose of estrogen. I don't even know the point of this post, I think I am putting of cleaning. :)

    Oh..I was going to say that I get that whole "feeling" thing. I have a whole theory behind it, how certain people are just connected. I think our brain waves travel a lot further than the brain synapses, and we somehow pick up on those with people we are close to. I was actually reading another physics article that show how it's mathematically entirety possible. It's interesting stuff.

    Well lady's (and hydroxy) I am of to clean my house. I just looked out the window and ugh.... it's snowing again.

    Hugs xxoo

    lostlygirl added 3 Minutes and 0 Seconds later...

    JD, somewhere in all of today's ramblings I wanted to say that I like your new plan much better. I think sleeping will be a good indicator of either progressing or needing to slow down. I think more than two nights of interrupted sleep is a good indicator you need to either hold or slow down.
  3. smith9666
    2000 calories a day?? I would starve on that LOL it feels like I'm always eating and I count them once in a while go see what I'm getting in and its more around 3000 a day. That's with me eating healthier food as well. Before I stopped I wasn't eating as often though so you are right about that. I've lost almost 10 pounds these past couple weeks but I can't tell if its from the running or eating healthier. No one can ever accuse me of not eating enough though LOL.

    Cleaning is over rated (says the person with no kids!). Try not to look at the snow. I'm sure that can be depressing. Its a warm day here in Vegas. 69 out right now.
  4. lostlygirl
    67 degrees!!!???!! Ohhohhhooooo.....I am entirely jealous. I would love it to be 67 here. What is it in Florida, JD? It's 31 here. Yes, I agree cleaning is highly overrated, and as you can see I am clearly not doing it, hahaha! 3,000 cal isn't too bad, is it? I'm not even sure what the daily allowance is. I always figured it was more what you ate, and how much you exercised. ;) ;)

    Love love

    JD, sorry for using your thread for useless, howbeit fun, chatter.
  5. smith9666
    JD started it with her baking confession LOL jk

    I'm not sure but 3000 is a lot when you are eating healthier food. I eat on average every 3 hours. Maybe its not so much but some of those online posts say to eat 1200 when you are dieting and want to lose weight. That seems so counterproductive to cut down that low especially if you are working out to any extent. Every one is different though so maybe it works for some. I would starve to death LOL

    Yeah the lows here at night are in the high 40's. Probably similar to Florida I would imagine.
  6. Jungledog

    If we can't use my thread for fun...we probably shouldn't use it at all!!! It is 75 here. :)

    Pick yourself off the floor LG! You can ALWAYS come visit. LOL Off to spend time with hubby.

  7. lostlygirl
    75 degrees???? Oohhhhooo your KILLING me!!! Literally breaking my poor cold Australian heart! I would be outside in a tank top and shorts playing in my garden, instead I am off to do the laundry...... Gggggrrrrrr

    Hugs, xxoo

    Have a fun evening with Mr JD ;)

    lostlygirl added 8 Minutes and 26 Seconds later...

    I just saw your post, smith. Hahaha! Yes, JD did start it with her baking comments, lol! ;) ;)

    We all need a little fun throughout this grueling process. We need some of hydroxy's fun baby stories. :) JD, I guess your thread is becoming a local DF hangout..... :) :)

    I say when we are all through with this withdrawal shit we all meet for a celebrational get away holiday weekend, preferably by the beach in lovely hot weather. The highlight of the
    weekend can be a ceremonial rose parade and tattoos! We will have earned it!! :)

    Hugs, xxoo
  8. Jungledog
    I will host at my ocean front condo next summer! That would be so much damn fun!!! Oh and there are fantastic tattoo artists near by. Let's do this folks!!

  9. smith9666
    Yeah good idea. Las Vegas is overrated. LOL
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