Quitting oxycodone with methadone+loperamide- 7 weeks clean - Part 1

By paregoric · Jan 9, 2015 · ·
  1. So, i have this friend who has had an opiate problems for several years and in the past several months saw his consumption of oxycontin go from 150mg/day to 300mg/day. This last dosage was used for a period of about three months.

    Anyways, he had some methadone and has attempted a quick detox. (sorry for the long post but he wants to make sure no info is left out)

    First day 60mg (split 40 morning 20 night) plus 2.5mg diazepam
    second day 45mg (split 30 morning 15 night) plus 2.5mg diazepam
    third day 30mg (split 20 morning 15 night) plus 2.5mg diazepam
    fourth day 15mg (single morning dose) plus 2.5mg diazepam
    fifth day 10mg (single morning dose) plus 2.5mg diazepam

    so, this is were things went off track so to speak. Instead of tapering a bit lower before jumping off my friend had heard good things about loperamide and took some 24 hours after the last dose of methadone.

    day 6 - 20- 2mg loperamides (split 10 in morning and 10 at night) felt a bit crappy but got through, at least wasnt having the sweats from meth anymore. stopped the diazepam from here on out.

    day 7- 12-2mg loperamides only at night. here is were it got weird. He had some brutal RLS at night (none so far until now) and after several hours of not thinking straight he caved in and took 2.5mg of methadone and 30mg codeine.

    day 8- basically sucked due to the remorse of caving in and taking the meth. at night took 8 loperamides and 0.025 clonidine (one fourth of a 0.1mg pill since larger doses knock him out and he has to work). no luck, had RLS once again and took an additional 8 loperamides at 4am, thus bringing total to 16 in about five hours time.

    day 9- got through the day relatively fine but with very low energy in afternoon and night; took 12 loperamides hoping to avoid the RLS from previous night. No luck, ended up taking an extra four, bringing the total again to 16 for the night.

    day 10- got through the day relatively fine but with very low energy in afternoon and night. took 14 lopes, hoping to begin a taper (since he had taken 16 the two nights before). no luck, brutal RLS, ended up taking 3 more and 0.025 clonidine at 4ish am. Not sure if extra dose, clonidine or late time in the am helped get the RLS under control. ending up sleeping until 8am, when had to get up for work.

    so, today is day 11 and my friend has no idea what he should do, if he should simply up the clonidine dose (since the weekend is starting and no work) and white knuckle what may come or attempt to taper the loperamide. The problem is that the clonidines were always taken amid the RLS while redosing the loperamide, so he is unsure which is helping out.

    so this is what my friend has on hand: 17.5mg methadone / plenty of diazepam / plenty of loperamide / 20 0.1mg pills of clonidine / and 4mg of suboxone which a friend gave months ago but i never used.

    again, sorry for the long post (actually my first in DF), but my friend figures the more information he passes along the better advice that may come.


  1. Cmenot
    Re: Quitting oxycodone with methadone and loperamide

    I would take 0.1mg clonidine three times a day and add 2.5-5mg valium at night if needed. That clonidine is a wonder drug-especially for RLS. Take the loperamide, 4 tabs if you have to during the day, but understand that it cAN be addictive and has a long half life. If you can get a script for Gabapentin or Pregabalin it would be helpful. Take a multivitamin and 5HTP at night--health food store.
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