Quitting oxycodone with methadone+loperamide- 7 weeks clean - Part 12

By paregoric · Jan 16, 2015 · ·
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    quick update. short version. finally some sleep! not much, probably about 3.5 hours total but it was near continuos from 3am to 6:30am. never has so little sleep felt sooooo good. still exhausted but it has taken the edge off of things and my knee pain has gone down significantly. its still there but now its just kinda in the background. Besides that i still feel a bit feverish but is also just kinda in the background, not bothering too much.
    the main thing is i woke up completely startled, racing heart, racing thoughts and it has taken a good hour to bring things down to a level of acceptable anxiety. managed to do so without takin any more meds, cos im worried i have taken diazepam on too many consecutive days (about ten or so). Last night was actually the first night i didnt dose diazepam, instead taking some valerian root stuff i found in a local pharmacy and some melatonin my sister had.

    well, time to get to work. at least its home office stuff this whole week...

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    one more thing, IMHO, i think the RLS is largely due to the methadone. i was thinking a bit about this last night and i realized the only two times in my life that RLS was a problem were the two times i took methadone. the first was an inpatient detox (which didnt take, i relapsed as soon as i got out), and now with my self medicated taper plan. all the other times i have kicked, RLS and leg pain has not been an issue at all.

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    another update...today felt pretty much like yesterday, weak legs and knee pain and the weak feverish sensation that doesnt seem to go away. In a few hours i'll reach four days with no opiates of any kind.

    anxiety has been a bit of a problem today, especially now that its nighttime, i guess im just a little worried that i wont get much sleep again. also, the craving to take a pill right now is unreal.

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    quick update.
    im on four and half days since my last dose of opiates and i honestly think im on the way up. Although the leg jitters and lack of sleep is still a problem, the knee pain has gone away and the slight fever i have felt in past days has all but disappeared i think. On the sleep issue. it has been improving but i still only managed maybe four and half hours of sleep last night, better than the 3 hours and 0 hours from the two previous nights but far from enough to be well rested. the kicking legs just make it very hard to sleep.

    Besides that the main issue is lethargy and weak legs, but i guess that will also disappear in the next few days, at least it did in my last detox attempt a few years ago.

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    ok, so this whole jittery and restless leg thing is getting really old really fast. nothing i seem to do brings it under control long enough to sleep. i just passed the five day mark clean and im not even craving pills but i wanna take one just to calm these freaking legs down and sleep....not going to though. just dreaming of getting some sleep...


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    Re: Quitting oxycodone with methadone and loperamide- almost out of the woods (i thin

    Benzos are the first choice drug for akasthisia aka rls. Save it for bedtime when it's at its worse. Completely from the withdrawal. One of the worst parts. Never heard of anyone that didn't get it. Sucks.
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