Quitting oxycodone with methadone+loperamide- 7 weeks clean - Part 17

By paregoric · Jan 19, 2015 · ·
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    thanks troubledtimes, i definitely wont be taking any more opiates for the time being. im hoping to make this kick stick but u never know. i already flushed what i had left so any craving to use would be met with at leat 24 hours to score more, so that should help get past any major cravings without actually relapsing, at least for now.

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    quick update
    my general situation improved alot over the weekend but i had a slight setback i think. i didnt use opiates but i did get pretty drunk off two drinks over lunch on sunday. it kinda messed with my head a bit but luckily no cravings. what really got messed up was my sleep. both friday and staurday nites had been pretty good, with larger chunks of sleep each time. well, last night it felt like just back at day one or two. Got maybe 2 hours of sleep and had some really messed up half lucid dreams in which my brain was making up reasons why i was never gonna sleep again ever! too bad i dont remember any of them now, they were pretty out there!lol

    on the positive side it doesnt seem to have affected my energy level, which seems to have improved a little bit more today, bringing me close to maybe 70%. legs still a bit shaky but its taking less and less effort to get up and about and i dont get as winded from small efforts.

    all things considered, i should probably stay away from alcohol for a few weeks until im 100% (alcohol has never been a trigger for use and i dont event like it that much, so im not concerned about swithcing one addiciton for another.)


  1. cbabycee
    Re: Quitting oxycodone with methadone and loperamide- almost out of the woods (i thin

    Sounds like your doing well, the best you've ever done! I did that 10'day detox and relapsed on day 11 after 10 days of hell!!

    With regards to the rls nursemarie I used to get them coming of methadone but never coming off straight heroin, or subutex, I get restless belly haha no it's like my tummy just clenches up and that tickles. I've found that buscopan stops that. I'm lactose intolerant and subs have lactose so triggers tummy issues.

    Much worse of methadone than anything else maggot skin comes to mind and those horrible lucid half wake dreams yuck!

    Have u considered ibuprofen or paracetamol for your knees. What is it with drug users not wanting to use normal pain killers lol x

    Well keep up the awesome work you have done! Look how far you've come. I hope today is a strong day for you ;)
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