Quitting oxycodone with methadone+loperamide- 7 weeks clean - Part 2

By paregoric · Jan 10, 2015 · ·
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    Cmenot, thanks for the reply. You basically stated what he already knew he had to do but didnt want to admit.
    unfortunately his monkey brain got the best of him and he did some codeine (120mg) around midnight. The worst thing he wasnt even that sick yet, he just psyched himself out after reading several threads on the site. Some people get strength from other threads but my friend just gets all wired up and paranoid about "how bad" its gonna get when he is still hours away from any real discomfort.

    if any one reads this, does anyone have any opinion as to whether methadone gives stronger RLS than other opiates during detox, cos my friend has detoxed before and remained clean for some time and as he remembers there was no RLS those times, just insane anxiety, hot/cold flashes and some nasty runs/vomiting for on day two and three. By day five he was actually pretty upbeat.

    also, any advice on how long its safe to take loperamide? my friend is still confused as to whether the withdrawals he is feeling is from the little methadone that may be left over in his system (since he does realize he went overboard on his starting doses due to anxiety) or a WD from the loperamide itself. He has only used it for a grand total of 6 days so far and yesterday he had downed 16mg of loperamide before caving and taking the codeine. he is hoping that maybe- just maybe- the reduction in loperamide (from 32mg to 16mg, helped out by the codeine dose obviously), will help put him on track for a proper loperamide taper before finally jumping off for good.

    any input would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Cmenot
    Re: Quitting oxycodone with methadone and loperamide

    I doubt the withdrawal is from the loperamide. Just a note that the clonidine will also greatly help his anxiety. There are some other supplements that can help and exercise is of great help. Hopefully someone more familiar with methadone will post but with the short duration of his methadone use, I wouldn't expect any type of side effect specific to methadone withdrawal.
  2. Jungledog
    Re: Quitting oxycodone with methadone and loperamide

    RLS is probably just from high dose oxycodone. If you jumped from that dose, it is not surprising that this has occurred. Both methadone and loperamide have a long half life.

    Loperamide can be dangerous at high doses, especially if as a single dose. It can cause ventricular arrhythmias which can be lethal, pulseless electrical disturbances of the heart. What is PROBABLY a safe dose is 8-9 pills. I found the withdraw from it to be very strong as I used it to get off oxycodone too. Do you have access to kratom? I found it to be very helpful.

    Clonidine can greatly reduce your detox symptoms. You can safely take 0.1 mg every 6 hours as long as you don't have low blood pressure. Gabapentin is also a wonder drug of you can get some of that.

    I would stop the loperamide and just get through it while you have a few days off. It stays in your system for about 5 days...you are just prolonging the agony.

    Best of luck.
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