Quitting oxycodone with methadone+loperamide- 7 weeks clean - Part 25

By paregoric · Jan 28, 2015 ·
  1. Re: Quitting oxycodone with methadone+loperamide- 2 weeks clean

    so, day 18 clean and sober. almost at the three week mark!

    for anyone interested, last Sunday (four days ago, start of third week) seemed to be a turning around point. Although i had been seeing improvements during the second week they were baby steps and not nearly enough to bring me close to normal, although it was nice to see progress. These past few days the improvements have come in bigger chunks and everyday i have been feeling noticeably stronger. Have been getting out of the house more and more without feeling completely exhausted (fatigue is still there, just not as debilitating).

    motivation is still hard to come by as i generally just feel numb right now, not happy nor sad, just stuck in this in between blandness. there have been some bad days but i cant complain too much though, cos it beats feeling sad and crappy all the time as some people describe.

    today i got a boost in motivation from the news of a new job. im a private math tutor and i found out earlier that the school most of my students attend wants me to help out afterschool with kids having difficulties. financially it wont make too much of a difference but the recognition that the students like my help and the school gives it value is a great feeling! should also be a nice change to work in a formal setting, as until now the lessons i gave were always at the student's house and way informal.

    what else....the armpit sweating is really becoming a problem, especially in this heat. checking out solutions cos it will be a definite problem to be up close with teenagers during classes and be stinking to high hell! i wouldnt hear the end of it!

    sleep is till a bit of an issue also, but very minor compared to before. getting a good 6 hours a day. i used to sleep 8-9 hours and im not sure if i only need 6 and was only sleeping more before because of the drug use. The six hours seem to be enough as i dont get sleepy during the day and i feel ready to sleep by 10/11pm, but the jumpy legs keep me up to 1-2 am.
    also, the weird more nightmary dreams seem over now, but its seems more like a floodgate of repressed stuff is now bubbling up through the dreams. im sure my psychologist will love opening this can of worms.

    i think that about covers it. take care all and good luck to those kicking at the moment!


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