Quitting oxycodone with methadone+loperamide- 7 weeks clean - Part 28

By paregoric · Feb 5, 2015 · ·
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    day 25 clean. this will probably be one of the last updates here, or at least regular updates, since at this point i have practically zero symptoms left from kicking oxycodone. i hope my journal of the whole process is useful for others, i tried to be as detailed as possible for that reason.

    well, still some minor fatigue issues but honestly, i got up today and went about my day and didnt even realize that i didnt have the weak legs that have stuck around for so long. I even managed some push-ups and sit-ups, being that four days ago i could barely hold my body up, much less do a pushup. ive really turned a corner on the energy front.

    Besides that, sleep is up to 7 hours and is close to normal. I still toss and turn ALOT a night and its takes me a good hour or so to get out of bed in the morning due to mental fog,but, again, nothing too terrible.
    The final thing that is still bothering is motivation. work is sucking big time now (even though i like my job) and the patience to deal with day to day crap is nonexistent. Even my main hobby (woodwork) has been set aside for a month and i have no urge to set foot in my workshop. it seems im kinda stuck in no-mans land, not feeling happy about anything but also not feeling depressed, just general numbness (which is fucked cos thats how i felt while using and it was driving me nuts). i get some anxiety and rage thrown in there sometimes but mostly just numb.

    on the positive side im enjoying music again. while high i all but stopped enjoying music, but in the past few weeks it has been the main thing keeping me sane, at first during the sleepless nights and now during the periods of boredom/anxiety/rage. so yeah, im very happy with this part of the recovery.

    I guess its now time to shift focus from getting clean to finding ways to staying clean, which based on my track record is harder said than done.

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    quick question to people who understand DF better...should i switch my thread to some other category, like recovery or something? not sure how long my thread should be kept in the opiate addiction section instead of maybe the opiate R&A section. im just not too clear if its normal to move threads around to different sections or if they just stay forever where the were fist posted.


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    I think a moderator can relocate your thread to the R & A section if you want. We have a small but active group there.
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