Quitting oxycodone with methadone+loperamide- 7 weeks clean - Part 29

By paregoric · Feb 9, 2015 · ·
  1. Re: Quitting oxycodone with methadone+loperamide- 3 wks clean

    1 month (30 days) clean today, extremely happy to have made it this far! this past week has been full of ups and downs, anxiety, restlessness. nothing too bad, but enough to need alot of focus to get through the day without giving in to the cravings that have been popping up.

    one thing that has definitely helped is that im trying to plan a trip for next week. havnt had a real vacation in years since the addiction pretty much kept me locked in place. its feels very liberating to be able to do whatever i want/go wherever i want without having to count pills or worrying about running out or getting sick. hopefully the trip will help me recharge my batteries and jumpstart my brain.

    speaking of recovery, pretty much the only thing left whic sucks is motivation, its still in the dumps but i manage to force myself to get stuff done and stay busy. energy levels are "almost" back to normal. during regular day to day stuff i dont really notice it but the more hectic days leave me worn out the next day, just wanting to lie in bed. i have been managing some light exercise (walking, situps, pushups). cravings have gotten worse in the past few days but luckily they have come during the day when im busy, so i get through them.

    thats it for now


  1. Kitts
    Re: Quitting oxycodone with methadone+loperamide- 3 wks clean

    Hi Paregoric,

    Well done, you've made excellent progress! A month clean is one of those special milestones to celebrate, and a vacation is a great way to do that. I hope you have a good one.

    You are already in the R&A section, the Recovery and Addiction section is quite large. It's not just the journals, it's all of the addiction sections for the different drugs. If you would like this thread moved into the Journals section then please send me a DM. I can do that for you. However, if you are feeling well supported in this subforum, I would stay here. Because some members don't use their control panel for threads they're following and may not get the notification and others don't stray out of the sections they already post in.

    Well done also for getting through the motivation slumps. I would really like to hear more about how you manage to push through the lethargy, as this is such a common symptom after detox. Certainly the more exercise you can take and getting out in the daylight will help. Sometimes it's just hard to take those first steps though isn't it.

    Very best wishes going forward from here, Kitts.
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