Quitting oxycodone with methadone+loperamide- 7 weeks clean - Part 7

By paregoric · Jan 13, 2015 · ·
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    ok, so i just reached the 48 hour mark with no opiates of any kind. Im kinda in a foul mood cos a knee pain set in earlier today and is giving no signs of letting up. looks like another night with no sleep, the difference this time being that at 10pm last night i was optimistic and now im just plain aggravated by the leg/knee pain which simply wont go away. luckily no nausea so far and just a little feverish, but thats been there since the beginning.

    Normally RLS kicks in only at night for me but its been bothering since early afternoon, just the thought of having to make it through the night like this is exhausting.

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    ok, so this nite has been much tougher than the previous, the RLS has been driving me crazy. I nearly took some codeine at two different points in the past three hours. The first i had already put them in my mouth but managed to bring myself under control and spit them out. The second time was a half hour staring contest which thank god i won and flushed the pills.

    a funny thing has happened though in the past 45mins. i put some headphones on and started listening to music that i used to love but havent listened to in years. started with miles davis, and here is the thing that is amazing. at first i was just sitting in bed twitching like mad from RLS, then the twitching started to get in synch to the music and now, literally 45 min later my legs are completely still, with close to zero pain.
    ive heard that gabapentin and other similar drugs are used for RLS to regulate dopamine or something like that. my guess is the music has triggered some release of chemicals that have soothed the RLS. Im definitely not in an state that i could fall asleep, but to have the pain in my knees fade to the background is a godsend. Whereas 3 hours ago i had all but made my mind to use again now i can believe that morning isnt too far away and that i can make it. whats a couple a sleepless nights anyways in the grand scheme of things, to get ones life back?
    in all honesty, whenever i can quiet the addict compulsion that drives my thoughts i realize that the pain level of this taper and detox is completely manageable. Just gotta fight to keep my brain in rational active mode, instead of reactive compulsive mode.

    hopefully ill have more good news in a couple of hours


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    Re: Quitting oxycodone with methadone and loperamide- good start but am stumbling

    I can't sleep either. ..it's become a real point of contention
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