Quotes & Songs Inspirational Thread - Part 3

By Jungledog · Jan 2, 2015 · ·
  1. I have realized that my journey here was on the wings of depression. As the sadness lifts and joy returns, I realize my addiction was self-treatment of underlying emotional pain. It has been nice to begin to let this go.

    "Come Around" by Counting Crows

    Have you seen the little pieces of the people we have been?
    Little pieces blowing' gently on the wind
    They have flown down California
    They have landed in L.A.
    Little pieces slowly settling on the waves

    I'm one of a million pieces fallen on the ground
    It's one of the reasons when we say goodbye
    We'll still come around We will come around

    I have waited for tomorrow from December 'til today
    I have started loving sorrow along the way
    I am calling from some city
    And I won't be there too long
    I could wait and I could waste away
    But what comes back is I hear you say we're gone

    For all of the times that I go spinning up and down
    When all of the things have died between us
    Well, we'll still come around We will come around

    After I've been missing for a while
    And you hear that summer's song
    Haven't all the fading lines lingered on?

    What I know is: she's going
    When you know it, it's alright
    So you put yourself between you and your pride
    If you wait for what's coming
    And you listen to her lies,
    Then she'll say the things you need to hear
    And the only one who'll disappear is you

    And one of the million lies she said
    Is "All of the things you love are dead."
    But I've seen what she thinks is love
    And it leaves me laughing so we'll still come around


  1. Mr Bumble
    Wow JD your job sounds rough, would do my head right in but sounds like it's a good thing to keep you grounded.
    Looks like your doing real good and while having pain issues to cope with, keep it up girl
  2. Cmenot
    WOW! Just got caught up with your journal... you've had a rough go. I can't tell you how much Pristiq helped me! Like you, I noticed a difference in a matter of days! I will probably attempt to stop taking it in spring, but it could be I need an antidepressant indefinitely. Interesting hormone discussion. The last time I felt this bone crushing depression was after my total hysterectomy...couldnt get off the couch and couldn't stop crying. Idiot OB/GYN gave me no HRT, no teaching...
    In any case, recently I was using bio-identical estrogen/progesterone/testosterone cream prescribed by a rather eccentric MD. My internal med DR recommended I switch to a plain estrogen script for the time being until I get in a normal mind frame.
    Like you, I started thinking about death...I even considered suicide...not so much that I wanted to die, just that I couldn't cry anymore... It was then that I realized I had to start an antidepressant.. SHEESH!
    I also came close to leaving my husband--another reason I stopped taking narcotics. I didn't want to make a major life decision while my thinking might be impaired. There is something to be said for 10 years of history. My hubby is a good guy, I just had put up with too much crap while taking narcotics. Its easy to just stuff and ignore the bullshit. Then one day, enough is enough! I have noticed that feelings of love were one of the sacrifices I made while taking narcotics. It blunts ALL of your emotions. So he reacted to my lack of love and caring. He has really stuck by me through all of this withdrawal business and I feel much closer to him now. Things are not perfect...but I believe there is NO perfect... My point is: There ARE two sides to every story and you can't always see both sides when you are taking drugs or even withdrawing from drugs.

    I have really enjoyed your nutritional bits--smoothies, etc. Its great that you include the WHY of it...
    Thank you for taking the time to make informative posts! Your journey and your willingness to honestly share it with us, is a gift that will help many!
  3. Monkeygirl
    Hey, girlie,
    Sorry you had to deal with so much trauma all at once! I am relieved to hear that the Cymbalta is helping.

    Just wanted to stop in and say Happy New year.

    Be well, sister,
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