rediscovering freedom (or at least trying to) - Part 74

By textosteron · Oct 3, 2014 · ·
  1. Just a lil update:

    Wife's already there for a full week now, and is, as i presumed, delighted, both with our beloved filthy capital, and her work ofc, she's working in a normal, modern clinic and everything seems very frikin promissing for now!

    She's coming home today, she misses the kiddos so badly that she already shed a cpl tears over that. But i managed to convince her i'm their dad too and i wouldn't allow anything bad to happen!

    As for me, i'm at the old routine, some pregabalin in the morning, some wine after noon (ok, i might be lying here a bit, it's not just some wine, it's about 4 liters a day, of red kind (white wines turn me into useless idiot for some reasons, reds on the other hand, keep me totally under control, i get a little beastie but that comes by default i guess)). I should be coming off them too from Monday, but we'll see how it goes when it comes to that.

    And no, i am not on opiates, had some moments where the monkey twisted my ears, but i managed to shov the asshole where it belongs.

    So, we're in preparations, wife already managed to find us a few cozy apartments there, now we're just trying to get to some badly needed cache, and as soon as that happens, we'll have a take-off. I know we can do this, we already have, 4 times in last 5-6 years....moving is the major pain in the ass, but what needs to be done - needs to be done!

    Your friend textosterone this time leaves you with: Bauhaus - Spirit =]


  1. curiousonlooker
    Wow, always interesting to hear updates on the progression of one's life... Ahhh cities, I also am a city person, in need of the stimulating effect of bodies smashed together,where I must know who I am or the person merely walking next to me on the sidewalk will let me know I don't belong as my difference is not a respite from the conveyer belt we are on, but in fact a social poison----so one must keep their head, or at least know the pace and how to keep one's thoughts and plights to one's self.

    I absolutely love Belgrade, I've never lived there, but would travel there as a child from Istanbul. I hope you find the dirty scrum and the need to be as civilized as possible to feel wonderful and to run the streets according to your social vision motivate you further to kick your drugs and moderate your drinking. Not so you fit in, but so you run your own life without relying on the crutch of an illusory freedom in a drink...
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