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  1. I haven't been on here nor replied because I've relapsed and been going really bad. I'm in the middle of a break up, partner also a h addict and won't stop, he's stressing me so much and still hasn't moved out. It's just a nightmare I'm sad because it was 7 years but also so scared of being alone. I've become so codependent and it's a toxic bad relationship I've become so warped. I just wanted to say what's up and will reply soon when I can think a bit straighter. I will give up I just need my bf to be moved and safe. Im scared alone he will overdose. Big reason why I stayed with him. I feel so dissapointed in myself in so many ways. Really down right now but will hopefully be back with more positive predicament. Thanks for all the support xxxxx

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  1. BigPoppa712
    Recovery is a long and windy road. You will make It out though if you just keep pushing! It sounds like you are going through a lot right now.

    If I could give you any advice it would be to get away from whatever is causing you to relapse (In this case your ex). It may be hard but I guarantee you will be happier and better off.

    Doctors, if this is a possibility for you, usually have a detox kit or something to help get you off of the opioids. Heroin is by far the most difficult thing to come off of. I can't say I have experience in this as I have never done an opioid besides post surgery, but I have witnessed it ruin countless lives.

    The good thing is you're looking for help and that is by far a start. Most addicts have an issue with admitting they are an addict and want no help. You are not doing this so keep in that right direction!

    I have been using Kratom as a stimulant frequently. When used in large doses Kratom can produce opioid like effects similar in my opinion to Percocet. The red strains do this best (especially red maeng da and red bali). This helps many addicts with withdrawls. For anxiety I use Kava, which is a Pacific Island root know for it's sedating, valium like qualities. Any anxiety I have is boom gone in 15-25 mins. Both of these are very safe and have long been used by people many years before us.

    Hang in there, you can do it, and any motivation you need or time you need someone to talk to I am always a direct message away! Stay strong!
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  2. torn2bits
    Hiya GiGi
    First lemme say Congrates for ever trying to quit.
    You acknowledge a relationship that's deadly in some cases.
    Codependent parterner that's also a user, I'd tackle one at a time until I felt I could move forward.
    Please know many also don't have the guts to admit, they releapsed, that takes courage.
    1 try down start planning your next quit attempt, it's the beginning and again your beyond worth it.
    After all here I am cheering ya on!
    Keep at it~ ToRn
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  3. Coldchicken
    Don<t give up, you can do it. :)
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