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  1. Screenshot_20180912-224222.png I really can't try to justify this action. I was going to say hey at least it wasn't on meth. It was on something legal that's all I'll say on that.
    I had made my mind up on this relapse for at least two or three days before the actual time of the consumption. I sometimes don't want to tell family because I think some of them look at me different now a days, just for being real extreme on drugs. But I don't think a person just wakes up one day and says , "hey I'm going to be a hardcore drug addict"!!!
    It's something for many that can hold down employment at a job takes a few months or several years to really get down. Bottom line I fucked up

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    23 scarecrows
    33 year old male, chef,career drug user who wants to hang that drug use career up.
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  1. trdofbeingtrd
    Yayyyy, I get to throw the first stone.....wait, nevermind, I had fucked up when getting clean.

    Maybe that guy over there? No?

    Maybe that guy, or maybe that woman, or

    What do you know, it seems everyone has fucked up before.

    You know what not everyone has done for sure though? Not everyone understands that it’s just a mistake and to try again.

    Sooner or later you won’t want to do it anymore.
  2. xx_freak187_xx
    Your Definitely not alone most of us has been there more than once. Shit, I've been there I've been there for the past 6 months and am starting to have my own issues. It can be rough when the ones close to Us make us feel the worst about it but whether you tell them or just us here or both you out you are acknowledging It and owning it which alot of people don't do. I've hid it and just acted like it didn't happen plenty of times and i wish I'd have done something like post on here like you did. This addiction shit will always follow us, it's how bad we allow it to tear us down that matters in the long run.
    be well
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