Research: Are Opiates a viable treatment option for depression and other addictions? - Part 4

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    I'm aware of the studies and trials for Suboxone and Subutex but I wasn't aware of the Stablon trial.

    My PM physician told me about a privately funded research project in Australia in 2009. It was a stunning success and resulted in the implementation of current opiate therapy for intractable depression in mainstream Australian psychiatry. Thanks for your excellent contribution to the discussion.


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    Re: Research: Are Opiates a viable treatment option for depression and other addictio

    I've never quoted a full post before so hope this is correct.

    S here is my story what do you think. Short version or see would need half the data space on here and AlfA a would charge me per letter. He's smart best way ;)

    Anyhow I was a very happy. VERY active child, this transpired in to being a very happy, outgoing, popular teenager. Good in school BUT very short attention span. Though highly intelligent. Passed high school, college, university with flying colours.

    Had a fun filled and responsible as,I worked from being 16, time after University.

    I think I have ADHD though there is no medical template In the UK for adult diagnosis or treatment. I believe it's due to financial implications rather than a lack of availability but that's another topic.

    Now I had my daughter 3 years ago at Christmas time.

    I was thrown in to a postnatal depression I didn't know existed. I was a ray of sunshine in life, everywhere I went I've got friends. All over the world.

    I was a shell of a person. They have tried lots of antidepressant medication. NONE work.

    The worst anxiety you can imagine. I spent the first 6 months of my babies life in bed with her. At first I felt like she wasn't even mine. I felt she belonged with my mum. No way I could take care of her.

    I couldn't see from the outside how strange my behaviour became. And is sometimes as I said NO ANtidepresse t has worked. No councillor. No psychiatrist.

    My mum and partner had to sit me down and tell me how much I'd changed. And not for the better. The sunshine was gone I've been left an empty grey storm cloud. Because when I'm not empty I'm horrible and snap my partners head off.

    Never my little angel or my step daughter, it's taken this long but I can be the wonderful sunshine I was once for them. But it's false, I'm relieved when they go to bed.

    I have anxiety attacks like your worst nightmare EVERY morning. I'm on diazapam (Valium) for the anxiety. Have tried a few beta blockers first. They didn't touch it.

    So black a cloud I am that I attempted to take my life 3 times. 6 months ago was the last time but it made me realise I never wanted to die I just want this pain to end.

    I have legitimate pain and have been on high 400-500mg a day. I tapered not long ago and it was awful. But no more awful than I'd felt. It was the physical awfulness that I found unbearable.

    Not 6 weeks later the pain management doctor insisted I resume 40mg Long release OxyContin ( Oxycodone hydrochloride ) twice a day.

    Do I feel better. Happier. More sunshine after the oxy. ............ Yes but it took me a long while to think of the correct word. It's temporary. If like proposed as IM YOUR EXTREME CASE. (Hope that doesn't come a cross rude just wanted to make it clear)

    Nothing works. No medication. The diazapam does mitigate the anxiety I was having around the clock, but not the anxiety attacks I wake up to dream bed in sweat after nightmares.
    The 5 different antidepressants I've tried. As well as the old ones trilitic antidepressants like amitriptilyn, hope that's correct.

    I am also on lorazepam (Ativan) for sleep. This has been an issue for more than half my life I have insomnia. It through depression. I take 5-7.5mg a night. Sleeping helps in so far as if I didn't I can't function.

    I have a great relationship with my baby girl. And my step daughter who I consider mine just as much. She thinks I'm amazing and cool and tells me secrets. And I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. So beautiful I'm a fairy ( you can check out my profile picture I put it up to show my angel off, I'm not a photogenic person. )

    I deviate my apologies. So would opiate therapy work for me!! I have a high tolerance to them due to my pain.

    But as you are talking about the big guns :) methadone and subuone (my apologies for the probably wrong medicine and spelling) but the real only other opiate maintenance drug for therapy, replacement, drug substation.

    I think it could work in theory. BUT if as S says MY BRAIN iTS SELF is the depression. I will never be cured just have emotions produced by the drugs. Which in my humble opinion is no different to antidepressants. Except the side effect profile of opiated medication is less severe than antidepressants.

    I'd like to take part in that trial!!!

    For me I am lost, back to seeing doctors, I'm going to go in group sessions with others with TReatment Resistant Clinical Depression. Will it help? Will anything help?

    I feel better when I come to this site and help people. It's my therapy.
    I have left the house a hand full of times in my daughters life, I've become agoraphobic,I'm scared to go out alone for long periods of time. I WONT go to places I've never been.

    The guilt eats me away. I would do anything to chane this.

    Sorry for the essay guys, I don't talk to anyone anymore. I have burdened my family car too long. I don't know how my partner has t left me.

    I'm too broken, the medical community don't know how to fix me.

    So I'm stuck NOT LIVING. Not a low quality of life. I mY as well be dead. I'm not suicidal sorry just saying in context. I contribute nothing but pain to those around me.

    I used to bring Rainbows (it's my best friends nickname for me). But now I bring Rain.

    Thank you all you guys and S I'd like your opinion sweetheart. How would you treat me if you had the ability?

    Much love as always to everyone on DF who have saved my life. Especially I ally a very Sparkly Member. One Roaddog who's patience with me is beyond and above anything I've had anyone do for me.
    Mr Bumble, who is still Clean and in love. For his help around the clock on and off of this site. He is a real life friend now :)

    And Kitts who is a shining star. And Gingerbread who is as close to the beautiful angels as one can be.

    And MANY MORE members. I owe my life to a your words and thoughtfulness.

    Now that's enough I'm in tears. Happy ones for a change. ALFA I'd love to give you a big kiss on the mouth;) for making this place and helping save a very broken Fairy.

    Love you all xxxx
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