Riding the opiate rollercoaster - Part 1

By shell196970 · Oct 4, 2014 ·
  1. Hi everyone. I'm Shelly and I have been addicted to opiates for about 15 years. I have tried methadone, and I believe every other prescription opiate in that time except for morphine because I had an adverse reaction to it when I was young. My mom told me I was allergic and I believe her. I am now on 4mg sub strips...but I am having serious issues with it and I need a little advice.

    The problem is I have recently moved to this state from halfway across the country. I got an appointment with a Dr. who's receptionist assured me that he could prescribe my subs. My Dr. back home faxed my paperwork to them back in early July before I moved here. So I go to my new patient appointment and my first clue should've been they didn't ask me to fill out but one page of paperwork. The new doc came in and informed me that he was not legally allowed to prescribe subs but he would call me the next day with an appt with someone who could. You guessed it...he didn't call. Two weeks later I ran out. My new doctor's office staff let my file sit on their desk for 26 days before faxing it to a specialist. Then of course they called and made an appointment 3 weeks away. I was suprised by this time that it didn't take longer.

    I never took more of my subs than prescribed which may be the reason I only missed one day of work from "the flu". The PAWS from this med seem to be much less severe than the lortab/oxy combo I dealt with for years in the past but I am still exhausted and miserable after 3 weeks...

    So forum I ask 2 questions of you...

    Will the PAWS be over before I ever go to the doctor? (How much longer...I'm on day 22)

    What can people like us do when we are wronged by members of the elite medical community without risking being cut off our meds in retaliation?

    Before closing I just want to thank this site. I have learned more about my addiction and the recovery thereof from you wonderful people in the last day or two than my own medical professionals could teach me in 15 years(they seem so ignorant to be so educated, am I the only one who feels that way?)

    oops that was question 3!

    Gotta go to work. Look forward to more education when I read your replies.

    Peace and Love to you all

    shell196970 added 2 Minutes and 57 Seconds later...

    Shelly again...I think for adequate advice I should clarify that I have been taking 12 mg of sublingual sub strips for over 18 months...


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