Riding the opiate rollercoaster - Part 2

By shell196970 · Oct 7, 2014 · ·
  1. Hello again...shelly here. I finally made it to the doc after almost a month dry. So like an idiot I took my entire 4mg sub strip. I never realized how strong they are! I have been about to puke my guts up all day. I honestly have never felt buzzed off them before. When I started them I was crashing hard and they brought me to normal. That's it. Honestly I think I can get by with 4mg a day instead of 12. This is a very good thing for me. Those lil strips are expensive. Well thanks everyone for all your support lol. Still a lil queasy after 6 hours.

    I still have issues with the incompetence of the medical community, and would love to have someone to discuss it with.

    I also wish to detox completely off these damn things and need advice from someone who has done it and remained clean for a considerable period of time.


  1. tatittle
    To be clear I have never been on maintenance subs. I actually found buprenex did very little for me in detoxes years ago, but Im certain it was very low dose. That said, there are lots of folks here with heavy opiate addictions who state that 4mg or max 8mg is plenty to hold them. Apparently, especially in less cosmopolitan parts of the country, they are often prescribed in doses far higher than needed. Your experience reveals that 4mg is almost definitely enough for you at this point. Since tolerance develops quickly and no high is felt, there is no reason to go higher.
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