Saying bye to the opiated Trd - Part 39

By trdofbeingtrd · Dec 13, 2014 · ·
  1. Honesty with my wife has come to be the most essential in my staying off opiates regardless of how much I use or want to use. I have had opiates prescribed to me a couple times since I broke the addiction but I also know when that opiate lust comes into play as soon as I take them regardless of if I am taking them for legit pain relief or for the emotional pain. I let her know that I cannot have any more than what I am getting that one time. In return for me being honest I also get my marijuana to enjoy as I can actually control that and use it responsibly. Something I have learned after mistake after mistake after mistake with substance addiction is that sweet mary Jane has never let me down. When I get stoned my craving for opiates goes virtually away. Of course if I had them I would take them, but when I run out (talking about 4-8 pills at a time) I get stoned and it's okay :)

    It's the pain I caused that keeps me from trying to get more. Just about every week my old hook up comes for an unrelated matter to where I work. I just don't talk to them, and I continue to not do it because I would be getting stoned when I get home and it helps. I really really love pot and it really really helps. I should have stayed with pot instead of having my meth addiction and I should have stayed with pot instead of starting my opiate addiction. I am an addict and honestly, I am okay with smoking pot for the rest of my life if it makes me happy and I stay away from the problem drugs. My problem did not start with opiates once I took them, it started when an unending supply came in. I keep the supply away so I keep the chains away.

    Gums are sore, but thank you for asking. I am taking excedrine along with ibuprofen for pain like I do with my back for my gums.

    Anywho, I hope you are doing good as well :)


  1. trdofbeingtrd
    Today I found out that the wonderful IRS is taking out federal refund, all of it. We were going to use that money to pay rent. After being screwed over by people we helped, it was something to get us above water. I want to get high, I was almost ready to talk to an old hookup. I didn't, but fuck an A, the urge is there.
  2. missparkles
    The part in bols is so important didn't act on that urge. Well done, love.

    Cousin Sparky.

  3. trdofbeingtrd
    Still clean, don't want to won't just let my wife and I be happy......but still clean.
  4. trdofbeingtrd
    Ummmm, I don't know how many days it is now. I don't seem to understand how to do that.....maybe it's because my mind is so clouded. We might be getting evicted on Wednesday, I am stressed, and I guess lazy.

    Anywho, while I have taken whatever I mentioned above since I stopped, I am still opiate addiction free.
  5. TheBigBadWolf
    And that's for sure worth mentioning, trd, and something to draw excitement and satisfaction from.

    I congratulate you to howmany ever.

  6. trdofbeingtrd
    I will update more later.

    I am NOT in the four hour prison, I AM sober. I fell off the wagon and binged for about a week to 8 days. I had a couple experiences with the withdrawals I can go over later. I still am having slight RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) but other than that I am good again.

    I didn't go down that road and I am happy I stopped when I had time.
  7. trdofbeingtrd
    My dad passed away day before yesterday.
    Still sober other than weed.
  8. Kitts
    Hey Trd, I'm very sorry for your loss. Best wishes to you.
    I hope you're ok. Hugs, Kitts.
  9. Beenthere2Hippie
    I'm sorry, too, trd. Losing your dad (or mom) is very hard. Especially when you were close, as I was with mine.

    I'm sending you a long-distance hug, my friend. I'm more than happy to hear you're smoking ~only~ and getting by that way fine. Rock Steady
  10. Mr Bumble
    I don't think we've spoke before but you have my deepest condolences

    Big love
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