Secretly giving narcan in my coffee - Part 2

By SiriusScorcher · Sep 25, 2014 · ·
  1. Yes they did blood work and it was all normal. The EMT told me that sometimes oxycodone can build up in your system. The ER PA chalked it up to a panic attack.

    The odd thing about my pupils was that I was taking 10 mg oxycodone less often than before, (it wasn't oxycontin, it was oxycodone, I made a mistake) and my pupils had never been that pinpoint. It might have been due to the oxycodone building up in my system.

    Opiates will lower your BP. I have heard that panic attacks in rare cases can raise your BP. I have also read that oxycodone can make you anxious.

    I wondered about some of the pill forms of Narcan, or the sublingual film, but I think I would have tasted them.

    About my husband doing this to be mean. I am sure he wouldn't done it to be mean. If he did, I think he would have done it out of fear for me. There are a lot of overdoses that happen after surgeries, and just in general.

    Anyway, I feel that it was probably more likely a panic attack, than Narcan.

    Your responses have helped me think a bit more clearly.




  1. Potter
    So no drugs? Then you weren't drugged.

    You should go talk to a psychiatrist, this is a pretty standard delusion, it might the result of the opiates or something else, but it is pretty much impossible to be real. If there were drugs in your system, they would have seen them.

    You say he's a good man, so why would he ever just decide to try to kill you one day? What is really more likely, the man you've known and love suddenly turning evil, or a weird panic attack/symptom set inducing a lapse of judgement?

    This sort of thing happens to people, we see it here often enough. There's two outcomes, seek medical help, listen to your doctors, and in a few weeks be able to put it all behind you, or go crazy and turn paranoid, accusatory, and alienate everyone who cares about you as you retreat from reality.

    We see this sort of thing a few times a year here. It's really nice when people come back and say they talked things out, sobered up, and realized they were being really out of it.
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