Secretly giving narcan in my coffee - Part 3

By SiriusScorcher · Sep 25, 2014 · ·
  1. The ER doesn't test for drugs, unless asked, or they suspect a drug overdose or problem. And they need to do a different test for each drug.

    I do see a psychiatrist, and I don't think for a minute that my husband went crazy and tried to kill me.
    (About my husband doing this to be mean. I am sure he wouldn't have done it to be mean. If he did, I think he would have done it out of fear for me. There are a lot of overdoses that happen after surgeries, and just in general.) I do think it is likely due to the oxycodone.
    I am putting this behind me, (Anyway, I feel that it was probably more likely a panic attack, than Narcan.).

    I also am sober, I took the oxycodone for pain after a hysterectomy. There is no way I would have chosen not to have opiates for the pain, and a hysterectomy is very painful.

    I think that talking it out here, and receiving these responses has helped.

    Thank you for your abjective reply Potter,



  1. TheBigBadWolf

    Good on you to come and ask for advice nd exchange a few lines to get an idea from your soul that was obviously somewhat in need to be discussed. Glad that we could help you with this, Don't ever be too shy to ask on here with any questions our forum is about.
    Or even to drop some member a Personal Message if you think they are knowledgeabe on the topic you need info on.

    Take care
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