Seizures and hallucinations...I only thought I had hit rock bottom before - Part 3

By kava_dreams · Feb 14, 2015 · ·
  1. I appreciate the sentiment but when you work somewhere like I do you don't go around advertising any kind of substance abuse. It's harmful to future employment and insurance as well as reputation. I'm so secretive literally no one knows but I'd be better off maybe trying to get into a therapist if anything. It's unfortunate the way our society functions but that's just how it is. Being labelled an abuser is not far off from being homeless where I live and as much as I hate dealing with it I can at least function most of the time. If I told my employer I missed work because I had a drunken binge and needed treatment I would be fired immediately and guaranteed not to work anywhere nearby. If I tell them about my actual problems with my cyst, even though other things are going on, I'll be on probation but it'll be okay. No income is pretty close to death and even closer to worse drug problems. I'll take my chances.


  1. Cwb20022
    I hate to recommend it but your safer to drink. It's actually pretty dangerous to just stop alcohol. And if your having tremors without it your addicted.

    You really need to see a doctor or addiction specialist. You can have deadly seizures from stopping alcohol cold turkey. Its not recomended to go at it alone.

    To your post. One of the first signs of addiction is downplaying your own addiction. Ie. "I'm not as bad as that person." And if you have no self control to where you don't know if you had a seizure or how much alcohol you drank til the next day. I'd say there clear examples of a problem. Good thing is you notice this. So you can work on changing it.

    You really should talk to a doctor before you quit. Grand mal seizures aren't any fun and can be deadly. But either way. Good luck.

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