Seizures and hallucinations...I only thought I had hit rock bottom before - Part 7

By kava_dreams · Feb 17, 2015 · ·
  1. Awww shit there goes 4 days of sobriety. I have a bunch of shit to get done tomorrow and I convinced myself I could just have a little bit to get some sleep. All weekend I have been up every night until 9-10am and barely able to function during the day. I tried everything I had on hand benadryl, kava kava, did nothing for me. I have black circles under my eyes that make me look worse than hungover. People are gonna start thinking I'm a meth addict.

    My family kind of considers me that loveable drunk that you can tell funny stories about. Even after the DUI my sister-in-law was like oh that sucks but it's no big deal one time your brother punched a hole through a wall when he was drunk and some guy pissed down his back. At Christmas there were 20 bottles of wine and 2 of hard liquor...there were 8 of man I'm an addict. Might as well lock a food addict in a goddamn bakery.

    I have one best friend that recently got engaged so we never hang out and some acquaintances from work but they usually want to go to the bar and I'm like hell no I'll make a fool of myself. Instead I just quietly get drunk in my living room and make an ass out of myself on the internet.


  1. Scloud90
    oooo 4 days....thats a bit too soon...but at least it wasnt a couple days, for a bad detox id wait a hair longer if I were you, but its your choice, hopefully you got the reset you needed. And eh meth addict big deal, quitting meth is easier than alcohol, bring on the meth.
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