Seizures and hallucinations...I only thought I had hit rock bottom before - Part 8

By kava_dreams · Feb 17, 2015 · ·
  1. Bleh I know. I only drank less than half of what I usually do. Still not even close to sleeping. I wonder if I need to get sleeping pills or something. I'm usually ok as long as I don't drink during the day. Day drinking will lead to the worst nightmares/pain imaginable. If I wait about 18-24 hrs between drinking because I'm working I can function fine. I've never done meth but I can sympathize.

    I actually did a research chem one time and it was totally great the first time, tried it again and almost ended up in the psych ward for psychosis. I think no matter what the dosage of chemicals are ingested it matters just as much how your mental state and general health are. You can't say I'll take X of this amount and have the same experience when you're totally healthy vs taking X amount when you're ill/depressed/whatever. It's been hard for me to accept that because I'm generally of a scientific view where everything should be the same, but the fact remains that we don't control our brains they control us mostly. How you treat your body is a factor and essentially we respond to the electrochemical signatures with no choice.


  1. Scloud90
    when it comes to my external surroundings and other things or people that are fake..... I have actually quite above average deductive capabilities, ive never been fooled, what I have been fooled by is physical symptoms created by anxiety for example chest pain or other internal things. anything else no matter how real, doesnt get me.

    most of what makes us happy or relieves us is the state of our brain being changed or chemicals we already have like dopamine being released, its not like these drugs are producing anything more than a chemical reaction for the most part. releasing a bunch of dopamine or seratonin.....and all alcohol does is just turn the volume down on everything. while getting our energy up in other areas unless too much is consumed. I drank half of my fifth and dont even feel a buzz lol.
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