Self-Help Meetings & Their Value For Me

By TrevJames · Aug 8, 2018 · ·
  1. I see the value of attending meetings as connecting you with a sober community which is good as humans should be connected to a community in one way or another, the more positive the better. Alot of times in addiction we find ourselves connecting with the most negative types of people, not to judge anyone for anything but negativity is a part of addiction let's face it.

    When one connects with a negative community, they often shut themselves out from connecting with a positive community which can result in destroyed relationships and isolation. It only makes sense going to recovery meetings would benefit someone who is facing this or just has no positive community to be active with.

    The downside of self-help meetings in my eyes is remaining mired on the topics of addiction and using. Some people would argue this is necessary so one never forgets but I would say it does more harm than good as what we focus on tends to be what we do but the fact there are people with years and years clean may prove the recovery aspect of the meetings outweighs the addictive subjects that may be brought up for discussion. I know the actual rates of people getting clean through 12 step programs are really low as a matter of fact but I am not judging the programs by saying this.

    I need to read this book but due to not being connected to a positive community I am going to be attending self-help meetings for the near future until I make some major life changes at the very least:

    Music videos and poems in the comments. Your thoughts welcome too but not looking for feedback right now or rather not checking back.


  1. TrevJames

    The dragonfly!
    Distant mountains reflected
    in his eyes.
    (by Issa)

  2. TrevJames
    I downed 2 small 20ml herbal tinctures the other day in a house with vodka. Not a relapse despite their high alcohol content. Not even buzzed. Was nervous about it. Glad I got out of there quickly.
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