Slow methadone taper from 120mg, now at the gnarly end - Part 17

By SoozyQ · Aug 16, 2014 · ·
  1. Just a quick update.

    After 11 days on 1mg, I haven't had a dose for about 48 hours :D

    The dr suggested dosing every two days, the pharmacist had said I could have 0.5mg/ day.

    I considered both these options. Yesterday, I just thought I would wait longer to have my dose. Some time later in the day, I just thought, 'let's just get this over with'.;)

    I'm not putting pressure on myself, because for me, that will be counter productive. I have a bit on at the moment, so if I have to have another dose or two at some stage, I will. But right now, I'm feeling pretty strong and stubborn :D

    Cheers xxxxx


  1. kickitall
    That's fantastic im just below 1ml 0.9 going down a milligram at a time till at zero. I still feel a bit crappy throughout. The other day I was thinking of taking my 1ml alternative days but I think the fear of jumping the bullet scared me. I've heard doing it that way helps. You'll soon be free of the methadone and in the place you deserve to be. If you can bat this drug you can beat anything that life throws at you.☺
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