Slow methadone taper from 120mg, now at the gnarly end - Part 22

By SoozyQ · Sep 9, 2014 · ·
  1. ianzombie,

    Thanks for your post. A couple of times lately, I've stopped and thought, I've actually done this, blows me out:D

    Yes I'd be happy to post a more detailed report of my taper, might take a few weeks to get done. Where do you think is best place to post it? In a new thread (which forum)? I plan to add the this journal over time, hopefully positive reports of how great I'm doing:D

    I have been thinking a lot about the need to be in the right head space. But to be honest I guess I'm a stubborn bastard, once I really set my mind on something.

    Having said that, DF has been invaluable in providing me with information regarding dealing with the taper. I would never have thought I'd need/want to taper down to 1mg until reading on here. Others experiences with benzos have made me very wary of the valium prescribed by my doctor etc, etc

    Anyway, all well, 2 days short of 28 days since my last dose. Still have some minor withdrawal symptoms but overall life is good xxxxxxxx


  1. YOLANDA70
    You are doing marvelous!
  2. SoozyQ
    Thanks Yolanda :D

    I was going to say I have bad days but it is more like bad moments. Doesn't pay to sit around too long. But I do pace myself and don't overdo it;)

    Overall I am doing better than I have in a long time.

    Cheers xxx
  3. SoozyQ
    Just wanted to give those interested a quick update.

    I haven't had methadone for over 4 months. Have been busy working, partying, basically living life. Have not missed methadone one bit :)

    I will definitely write a more detailed account soon. But I'm still getting over a hectic Christmas/ New Year :)

    Best wishes to all xxx
  4. Mr Bumble
    Wow started reading your thread thinking "this girls on shit loads of done, she's gonna struggle" But wow looks like you sailed it. Top work and big respect for managing a slow taper. I many favour this approach but I could never stick to it so have a lot of respect for those who can.

    Yup Clonidine can sure put you on your ass!
  5. Cmenot
    Great job SoozyQ!!! Thank you for coming back to update us... What a great bit of hope for those still struggling to get off Methadone!!
  6. In2the_void303
    I just took my last dose 2day I tapered from 200mg dose I'm 26 I started taking opiates when I was 13 & methadone at 17 I'm scared & incredibly anxious I'm trying 2 tough it out cause I want this but I need some advise I just wanted 2 ask what worked 4 u & what didn't work or made it worse 4 u? & does getting out of the house help I find it hard 2 lie still when I kick. & most importantly how long did it last the major symptoms & until u felt back 2 yourself I've hears everything from a week 2 a few months. Thank u very much I'm glad u have kicked it makes me happy 2 hear ppl that have beaten it
  7. Helene
    Hey Soozy! I remember you posting in my detox thread back in the spring. You've done it! I'm so pleased for you, you must be extremely proud of yourself.

    And this is just precisely how I feel also. Well done again!
  8. SoozyQ
    Thanks all for your messages of support. When I first found DF I was looking for people who had done what I wanted to do. There are so many horror stories. Being (and keeping) in the right headspace is so important.

    In2, I just saw and posted on your thread :) I have to leave computer now but I'll post more soon. Keep busy was the best for me (not always easy).

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