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  1. Here it is going on 8am, I've been up all night boyfriend and I did the rest of my quarter. He's asleep thank god! I noticed late last night he started to sound really annoyed. I asked why he was like this. His reply I'm pissed because you did all our shit up and didn't share hardly at all.... I'm appalled he'd say such a thing. I always share everything with him. He's a stingy little fuck when It comes to any drugs.
    Two nights ago, I had a chance to shoot up and trust me I've been wanting to. I've told my boyfriend about it. At first he told me if I did it he would leave me. Sooo anyway I watched my dude do his bump, totally turned me off of wanting to do it. I came home and instantly BF thinks I did a huge blast... I assured him I didn't do it because it's not worth losing him over he said what I never said that actually I'd just bring home another woman WTF did that come from??
    The last few months of using I've noticed a change in our interactions while high on meth. He acts weird, he accuses me of Weird shit, doesn't want to do anything except of it is nice weather then it's to the woods to burn leaves. I told him I don't really want to tweak with him anymore. Pretty sure it offended him. What's the fact of it all..
    He shot me up my first time. He created daddy's little junkie. He knew how badly I was addicted and promised we wouldn't do meth anymore. Now every time we get high he gets jealous because I seem higher then him. It's fucking petty, I'm tired of doing this shit going down the same repetitive path.


  1. Lauritachu
    Oooh... While I don't do your method I do know what its like sharing with my significant other. Luckily for the most part were fine but once in a while I get jealous because it looks like he got a bigger bag.. So I'm staring at his lines all lined up looking fatter than my dingy lines. I've also accused him of doing more than he tells me about. As I said before though luckily it is just a fleeting thing with me.. And he doesn't do that to me at all. I'm sorry your situation seems to be more intense, I would assume that comes a lot from the nature of meth. Just saying I understand, I think I get more exasperated with my own behavior when this happens.. I feel so petty.
  2. Rainflake
    I think this is very common in couples especially where one introduces the other to said drug, and competition begins over the shared amount.
    For me it was a downhill spiral so I cant preach about how to solve it. Cravings can bring out the worst in people and I just had enough one day and left. You have to think what is right for you.
    But you are definitely not alone.
  3. mess clean
    Could it be that he's just acting that way because he's inclined towards paranoia and maybe jealousy? I'm sure meth would exacerbate these issues, if he does have them.

    Then there's the fact that the stuff turns one into a fiend...since he's been at it longer, he may have had more time to develop that quality. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if he's the one doing more than he lets on...and then transfers his own guilty feeling on to you, accusing you of doing more, and doing it away from home.

    I'm going to be completely honest here...if you both quit, you guys have a chance. If neither of you quits, then this sounds like the beginning of a downward spiral for your relationship.

    I absolutely believe you when you say that you told him the relationship was worth more than doing the stuff. His progressively strange behavior may be showing that the stuff is more important to him than the relationship.

    You could also reiterate that you don't want to get high with him any longer and keep to it? That might be a step in the right direction.

    And, sorry. I didn't mean to catastrophize about the status of your relationship and where it might be headed. I hope you understand that I was just thinking about possibilities...but you know much more about that than I would.

    I hope everything works out, and please let us know.
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  4. mykaloo
    dump that bitch
  5. mykaloo
    to fix the problem poor whole bag in spoon. add warm water, draw up, and split equally into 2nd syringe. thats what i do. if your not gettin high smokin then quit or shoot it.
  6. daddyslittlejunkie
    Update so stopped for a week got high as fuck last time we spun. Still didn't give in to my wanting to shoot again. I chose to hoop it plug whatever you want to call it! Holy shit did that take me down the insanity path for a spell. Thought I had lice had a friend check for me says Honey you're fucked up I agreed. Boyfriend didn't like that he wasn't like I was.
    As of right now we both did equal amounts around 12pm yesterday I'm still going pretty good him he denies but he's tweaking balls on his phone like l last 16 hours. Funniest part I've begged him for sex for 16 hours says not right now baby... Smfh... Ohh ok sounds good lol guess I'll just take care of myself for the millionth time!
  7. mess clean

    If I were tweaked out with my girl, she'd only have to beg me for sex for 16 minutes, tops. And that would be only if I were in the middle of something important, like finishing up an email to an employer...

    I really hope stuff turns around for you two.
  8. gonzochef
    I used to be like your boyfriend back when I was a tweaker. I was sneaking shit and accusing my girl of doing the same, but it was just me being a selfish shit. Either the drugs need to go, or you do. That's clear, at least to me. Find another hobby to share or it will just keep being like this. Meth changes people, it steals the soul the way heroin highjacks the body. Wishing you the best, whatever that might be...
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