1. Well I made one last artsy thing before I decided to fight again. Today is just a write off. So tomorrow, again I will wake up in hell. I don't know how I can tackle this I'm already so depressed. I will try to just stay a week in bed I have to , for a short while, just forget about anything else. It is so important I get off of this right now it's nuts. My life really depends on it now. I'm just so tyred of repeating the same old shit. I'm at the end of the line here. Tomorrow if I find the inner strength I will right here, and maybe even ask for help.
    You can click on the picture on the right to see the whole gif.
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  1. Peridot13
    Keep coming back, it helps.
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  2. Peridot13
    p.s. I seen the gif, made me smile.
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  3. Coldchicken
    Thanks @Peridot13 , it took me a long time for not much.
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  4. torn2bits
    Make a list , what will it take?
    In other words, what keeps you from stopping?
    1-10 reasons that prohibite you from taking a firm step forward?
    For me in the end my #1 issue was fear, I had become afraid to withdraw because it makes us all so sick.
    Make a few list, call these plans and attempt to follow them.
    Simply pros and cons list to reiterate the reasons you'd like to stop using & the tops reasons you are not stopping.
    Work on little areas of this habit your stuck in at the moment.
    If what you've been trying which seems like "sudden cessation" is all you've tried, aside from suboxone you tried once for a few days.
    Trying to offer perspective, or alternative ways to look at this, in a attempt to fix this to better your life.
    Best to ya, hang tight you want to stop & that's a positive thing.
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  5. Peridot13
    Thinking of you...
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  6. Spunchef
    The strength is within you. Keep posting and sharing your feelings. It seems to help me in my struggling times. I'm going through a similar situation and know the feeling .
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