Stopping subboxone after four years. - Part 1

By Sbk83 · Oct 30, 2014 · ·
  1. Hi guys,

    So this is another subboxone journal, there's plenty on here but felt it would personally help me to share it.

    I've been on subboxone for four years, starting on 24mg, eventually getting down to 4mg a day. I don't really think I should have been prescribed it in the first place, certainly not that much, as I wasn't using IV. Although that might have changed without it, I think four years is just too long to be on it and previous attempts to stop have not gone well. This time, however, was kind of unexpected, I went on holiday for a week with my boyfriend and FORGOT MY PILLS. Really, the absolute horror when I realised they were not in my bag was a real wake up call, especially to my partner who I don't think really got the gravity of my dependence. We were away for 7 days, I wanted to return home, but he convinced me to stay and ride it out, I did and the first week was actually not too bad.

    Day 1-3 I felt fine, albeit a bit worried about what was in store for me.
    Day 4-5 I was totally flat out and slept about 18 hours of the day, felt totally weak and couldn't eat. My body odour is really bad, despite two hot showers a day.
    Day 6-7 in pain but could just about function, felt anxious but this improved when I was busy. Weirdly, I haven't had diarrhoea yet, I still stink :(

    I returned home and managed to get a week off work (luckyyyy), and decided to keep it up.

    Day 8 Pretty awful, RLS starts, I hurt and sweat, stomach trouble and the runs starts, can't sleep or lie still but very tired. Feel depressed. I take activated charcoal supplements, B vitamins, milk thistle, 5-htp, turmeric, L-Tyrosine and immodium.

    Day 9 Urgh, this totally sucks, no sleep and in a lot of pain. I feel really low but this improves by talking and moving around. Have a hot bath and eat brown rice with butter. Keep taking supplements. Can't face going outside but force myself to have a dance around to my favourite songs, really helped!

    Day 10 - Feel a little better today, slept 3 hours last night but my mood is improved. I ache still but it is easier to move around. I am full of nervous energy. I go for a walk and eat as many vegetables as I can stomach.

    Day 11 AM - I sleep really well! Wake up tired and low, but improves as the morning goes on. Pain is going away now and the runs have stopped.

    Ok now I know I have a way ahead of me, but the relief to just be off that shit is so immense I feel I can deal with anything.

    I will keep you posted.


  1. Jungledog
    Great job!!! Welcome to DF. You will find love, support, and good advice here. Keep moving forward. You got this!

  2. Hydroxyout
    Welcome to DF!

    I have to say holy shit! I give you mad props for this unintentional jump from 4 mg. Thats something I can't even wrap my mind around. Congratulations on making it this far, you're a damn hero! Keep up the good work. The mental aspect doesn't go away for a while but it will eventually fade away. Keep updating.

  3. 1korger!
    thats awesome! i was down to 1.5mg but then started getting intense craving so went up to 4mg per day, trying to get back down to 3mg per day now. Such a roller coaster for me.

    Good job, your inspiring me!
  4. Skyver
    This is the problem iv'e got now. I got to 2mg for two days, then yesterday had to take 1mg more meaning 3mg, to day iv'e slowly got to 3mg & still dont feeel right. I'm just trying to hold out at 3mg.

    I may just jump off at 2mg in a few days as I reckon any lower wont hold me.
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