Struggling with Cannabis Withdrawal - Part 2

By DataMatrix · Jan 16, 2015 · ·
  1. It can't have been, because I was the happiest person I've ever been before I started weed and when I sobered up during that break in Jan/Feb/Mar/etc.

    I was also happy up until my bowl size increased dramatically and when I started feeling boring without it or my memory became wrecked. One of the deciding factors for me quitting was once I was having sex with my girlfriend in the kitchen and I thought to myself "I wonder what it'd be like if I drove that knife into her"... This thought TERRIFIED me.

    I know I am depressed, but everyone who knows me, knows that this is unlike me. I am normally a very "in the moment" type of guy and I just get on with things.

    I don't know. Perhaps you're right, that's why I'm awaiting counselling.


  1. TraumaRN
    I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. I know how lonely it can feel to be trapped in that state of mind. Based on your symptoms and the circumstances surrounding your labile moods and depression, I would venture to say that you may have bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder type II is characterized by moods cycling between high and low of varying degrees. This type of illness can develop over time and present itself during any period of one's lifespan. It sounds like the marijuana may have been masking some of the underlying symptoms by allowing your body to gain a degree of pleasure from the THC receptor stimulation.

    I would suggest you seek medical advice from your primary care provider who will help to connect you with a psychiatric professional. This illness is easily manageable with the right course of treatment. With that being said, the use of recreational drugs in combination with bipolar disorder can lead to severe manic episodes in which an individual can lose control of their emotions leading to rapid mood swings and suicidal ideation. During my career I have worked in conjunction with many mental and psychiatric facilities. Bipolar disorder is quite common, many people live perfectly normal lives with this disease.

    Regardless of if you do or do not have bipolar disorder I strongly urge you to seek professional help for these issues. This type of problem can build and snowball on itself if left untreated. There is no shame or weakness in asking for help. This is not something you have brought on yourself. There are highly trained individuals out there who can help you immensely. Just please do yourself a favor and reach out to someone.
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