SWIMS Old Journal From 2005... - Part 13

By ex-junkie · Nov 4, 2014 ·
  1. Couple of days ago was my nine year anniversary. I guess I'll bump this thread again on my 10 year anniversary. I still maintain contact with my doctor via email to let him know that I'm happy and healthy. I find it odd that I carry keys to the restricted drug cupboards at work and never feel any kind of temptation to use what is locked inside. It's like the drug addict switch has been switched off. I don't even react to preparing IV drugs for patients, but I had spent a lot of time telling myself that it wouldn't bother me in my nursing career; these affirmations appear to have worked. Sure I work out at the gym too much and burn the candle at both ends at work, but these are far more productive than ramming a loaded syringe into my arm to escape my reality. God bless returning to an optimal functional state and then remaining there for life.


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