The Beginning of My End to Addiction/Incredibly Rough Day Today. - Part 16

By Sleepynurse · Jan 27, 2015 · ·
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    Thanks JD! Yes, my head feels pretty straight and it feels so great to be focusing on the things we fantasized about doing when we were much younger.

    My husband's Ex-wife (I'm pretty sure I mentioned we are good friends) has been calling me. I'm sure she heard from my SIL about my addiction and is worried about me but I just don't have the mental strength to talk to her about it right now. (she is also a nurse, haha, it seems like everyone in my family is a nurse). I'm also secretly worried that she is scared to have our step-daughter come over here, thinking I'm a "junkie". I really doubt that is true but it's the fear we all deal with, I think.

    I mentioned in my last post that I've got strep, well I woke up this morning with an AWFUL ear infection, holy feck, this hurts! Put a warm rice pack over it and it has been draining like crazy. Wahhhh, just wanna whine like a little baby.

    I keep wanting to exercise but I just keep getting more ill! I'm going to do a strength work-out at home today instead of the jog I was planning. About to put my son down for a nap, have a cup of coffee with an ibuprofen and then do some lunges, haha. I am going to pump myself up! :-D.

    I truly hope you can all find something positive in your day,


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    Had an excellent strength work-out. I'm still feeling pretty weak but I know my strength will come back and it makes my running that much stronger and easier.

    I love doing squats and lunges, planks. Never had much upper body strength but plenty of leg and core strength. I cannot wait to get back there! That is keeping me focused today.

    My appetite is still pretty shit, have to force myself to drink a couple glasses of milk a day and that is about all I can manage, I know it will come back eventually.

    As far as supplements/vitamins, I've been taking a B-complex multivitamin, fish-oil, and milk thistle (in hopes it will help repair my liver from the alcohol). I'm sure I've damaged my heart as well, I remember waking up feeling PVC's during my heavy, heavy drinking and I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. I try not to think about getting heart disease and cirrhosis at 40 because that depresses me more than a little bit.

    I've read there are loads more that can aid in healing the body after the damage done but these are just the ones we had in our cupboards. What else are you guys taking to heal yourselves. The question mark on my keyboard is not working at the moment...


  1. Thegalpal
    Re: The Beginning of Her End to Addiction/Incredibly Rough Day Today.

    Dear Sleepynurse,

    Like so many others who read your post, my heart goes out to you. After fighting so hard through detox, my wish for you is that you can stay clean. The rest will sort itself really will. The husband, the job, the licensure, it'll all unfold...maybe not in the way you want, or think you want right now, but it will resolve itself eventually if you stay clean. Try getting to a program, let them take care of you.


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