The Beginning of My End to Addiction/Incredibly Rough Day Today. - Part 36

By Sleepynurse · Mar 18, 2015 · ·
  1. JD, you just brought me to tears. :(

    He was cremated today and I got his wedding ring back. We couldn't get it off the day it happened. :'(

    Then I almost missed a random urinalysis I had because I was so preoccupied. But I made it with literally minutes to spare. That plus the cremation is a lot of money we don't have right now. I also had to buy a dress for his services on Saturday. He was only 35. Ah, very sad day but I'm okay.

    I just sat staring at my track marks and veins for a long time just now. I don't even know what I was thinking about. Then I read your comments and I snapped out of it...

    I have no real words to convey my appreciation and love for everyone on this forum.

    One day at a time.

    All my love,

    Sleepynurse added 176 Minutes and 47 Seconds later...

    How fortunate are all of us that sites like this wonderful site exist? I can't imagine trying to go all of this stuff alone. We can come here any time day or night and feel connected to others going through similar situations. Ah. Feeling grateful.


  1. Jungledog
    Yes, this site is a gem. There is no place else for me to share this journey or my fears or concerns.

    Sleepy, my heart aches for you. I know what suicide feels like but I have no idea what it feels like with a spouse. My own marriage is struggling but he is not abusive. I know that on some level you still loved him despite all that happened and he was the father of your children. I am incredibly sorry for your loss. Give yourself an enormous hug from me.
  2. Jungledog
    Amy, how you doing love? Worried for you. Hope your children give you the strength you need to move through this. Wishing you much love.
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