The Detox

By Clean & Green · Mar 7, 2019 · ·
  1. Over the past 3-4 days I’ve been using Subutex to prevent WD from a six year multiple opiate habit with mostly daily alcohol use that has me on the edge of losing everything. I’ve been documenting in the Buprenophine forum and now have moved here

    So far I’ve used 16-24 mg/day of Sub ona short taper that will be done in two days. I also have some Xanax and Gabapentin as well. The caveat is that I’ve used a bit of H over the past few days and drank some alcohol, but those have been tapered as well. My primary purpose is to get off opiates so today I’m not going to use at all as i feel ok. I will discard all meds in two days.

    The plan was to used the meds to detox but I did use in , in retrospect was a short taper. My commitment today is no opiates. I think I’m gonna be ok

    I will update
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  1. Clean & Green
    My apologies for my last journal post as I'm a bit fuzzy due to all the sh*t I'm taking and also, as per my understanding, it is part of opiate withdrawal and PAWS (I'm not there yet). I'm at work doing fairly well, but very sweaty and slow. but still hanging in there. I've only taken 8mg of Sub today, so I may do another 8 soon. That will be my limit today. If I need sleep aids, I have the low dose Xanax and Gaba, which really help. I will even drink a bit if I need but small amounts to continue to taper. Remember, My first objhective is to get off opiates then deal with every thing else.

    I have a plan and I am determined to see it through.

    Thanks for listening (if anybody is, or just letting me get this out there in the Universe. Peace and Love
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  2. Clean & Green
    No H today and the Subs are working!!
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