The detoxes and relapses of a major Heroin and Morphine addict - Part 102

By Mr Bumble · Jan 9, 2015 · ·
  1. Re: Detox from massive IV morph/heroin 2.0, skip to post 169 for the latest detox

    So I've been ill since Sunday and still not better. I thought I was on the mend yesterday evening but last night I just couldn't sleep and was twitching my legs and shoulders all night feeling like shit.

    Now I've been off the Benzo's for the whole time I've had this flu but have still been taking 0.1 to 01.5 Clonidine and 20mg to 40mg of a freaky Antihistamine called Alimemazine. If you want to know more go check my post in the Deliriant antihistamines section of DF. I suffer from sleep paralysis which is bad enough, but when I accidentally on purpose took a few extra tablets I was pinned to the bed the whole night being taunted by demons, and when I wasn't pinned to the bed I was flying out the window, it was fucked up!

    Anyway I found a dose of Clonidine and Alimemazine that seemed to help me sleep without any side effects, only yesterday while doing some research I discovered that the makers of Alimemazine say that it should not be mixed with Clonidine!

    So last night I didn't take any and had such a bad night that my friend was worried I was in Benzo withdrawal because of all the twitching and stuff. Is it possible to suffer withdrawal after the amount I used and for the length of my detox?

    I promised her I'd talk to a doc and messaged mine, but ended up taking 40mg of Alimemazine this morning and falling asleep and missing the call from my clinic. Tried to hook up some benzo's tonight to see if that was and solved the problem but the guy didn’t show!

    So tonight I took 0.2mg Clonidine in the hope that would get me to bed but that was over 2 hours ago and I still feel wide awake but exhausted..

    I know your not meant to but I'm probably just gonna take 40mg of alimemazine as so far the combo has been working for me. Has any one got any experience of these meds? You wont if your American as it's banned for human consumption there.

    Anyways sorry for the dull post.

    Day 27 or 28 I think? Can it be nearly a month already? Need to check that

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  1. Jungledog
    Re: Detox from massive IV morph/heroin 2.0, skip to post 169 for the latest detox

    I am not familiar with that antihistamine but my guess is it and clonidine are both sedating so hence tge advice to not take together. Antihistamines can cause their own withdrawal so never stop abruptly. Hope you feel better soon!
  2. lostlygirl
    Re: Detox from massive IV morph/heroin 2.0, skip to post 169 for the latest detox

    Hi Mr Bumble,

    I just spent some time catching up on your thread. I can't believe you bled on some poor girls tits!! I'm sorry, but I did laugh out loud!! Hahaha!! And, you still got lucky....mate, you must be one smooth talking, good looking dude to get away with that!! What did you say??! That's one great beer story you've got there... ;). Some day the right girl will come along and laugh with you over every funny situation you have been in. She is coming. She is on her way so get ready for her. When she arrives you'll know why all the other girls were not able to satisfy you or keep your interest. Start becoming the best Bumble you can be, because she is out there and finding her way to you.

    Are you feeling any better? Stop mixing drugs, brother!! Your going to mix the wrong combo one day, you hear me, yes?? We can't enjoy reading your stories and your wise words if your not here to tell them. I, for one, love your posts. You are a dynamic, fun, funny, smart, amazing guy, don't ever forget that, or forget how much you are loved. Keep safe, ok?

    Are you feeling any better? The flu has reached epidemic proportions here in the US. Apparently they got the flu shot wrong this year. Are they having the same issue in the UK?

    Love and cheers always! Shit, I love your posts. You have a talent, bro. :)
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