The detoxes and relapses of a major Heroin and Morphine addict - Part 57

By Mr Bumble · Dec 10, 2014 · ·
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    Not sure whether I should start a new thread or continue this one? My last detox above was quite a journey, got kicked out f home, broke up with my girl, my best friend died, it's a bit of a drama but i got through it, unfortunately I relapsed but i'm ready to go again/

    It's almost a year exactly since i started this thread. I smahed the detox but failed ot stay clean long, my habit quickly escalated back to my previous use and beyond. I started taking IV morphine use to a whole new level.

    Anyone with experience of IV morphine knows that shotting to much can have really nasty effects. last year the max I could shot in one go was 200mg, if i needed more I had to wait a good 10 to 15 mins or i suffered horrible histamine reactions, swollon face and hands, itching so painful i tore my skin scratching and banging head aches. I thought 200mgs was my limit but this year I somehow pushed in up to shooting 300mg the minute I woke up followed by another 200mgs shortly after just to get me to work. I was doing half a gram of heroin throughout the day and another half after work with 150mg of IV morph to get me to sleep.

    Amazingly I've worked everyday through this and my business has grown so prospects are looking good, but i need to invest in new tools and with child maintenance and a massive drug habit I am constantly broke.

    I can't take it anymore so I'm detoxing again. Same protocol as last time. Clonidine, Diazepam, Tamzepam and Gabapentin.

    I stated yesterday taking 400mg oral slow release morphine in the morning with 600mg of gaba and 0.1mg of clonidine. I forgot just how intense clonidine side effects are before your body gets used to it and was knocked out for 8 hours. 12 hours after the morp dose i took 350mg of morph and held out till midnight when I took 20mg of diazepam 600mg gaba and 0.1mg clonidine.

    Could probably have taken less but wanted to sleep and I did all night

    This morning I took 300mg oral morph and so far have not taken any other meds. I feel alright, bit wozy from last nights meds but going to hold out as long as I can before redosing with diazes and stuff.

    I have a few 20mg Tamzepams but they are being saved for when it gets really bad, they really are a life saver when the pain gets so bad you think your gonna crack. one ot two of them mixed with the other meds puts me on my arss and theres no way i could get out of bed to score.

    Anyways, not seen any names i reconise on here so hello to everyone I don't yet know. Hope to get to know you soon. Feel free to have a read through my thread but It's a bit long winded. Last detox I layed in bed and pretty much spent the entire time on here writing on one thread or another,it helped keep me sane through a really rough couple of weeks

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    Quick update, woke up feeling ok, meds got me to sleep for a good few hours. 300mg oral SR morph this morning and no other meds. held out for 12 hours then took 250mg oral morph and 600mg gaba and 0.1mg clonidine. didn't seem to really have muc affect and was feeling pretty ropey so 3 hours later I've just taken 25mgs diazepam, 0.15mg clonidine and 900mg gaba. Hoping that will get me to sleep.

    From tomorrow things will get real rough

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    35 years old and been an addict for over 20 years now. Detoxing I can do but staying clean is a battle I keep losing. I'll keep on fighting though


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    Re: Detox Journal from massive IV morph/heroin habbit

    Hey just joining the thread now, read back a little bit to get a better idea of your story. The one thing I didn't see (probably didn't read back far enough) was mentioning the induction of a different, longer acting opiate stronger then morphine.

    Wouldn't methadone or buprenorphine be better for long term maintenance and cessation? I mean, that's a lot of morphine to be taking everyday IV compared to a tablet or a strip you swallow or let melt under your tounge. I don't know the status of those medications in the UK but dude, maybe it's time to try something more efficient and affordable then all this morphine.
  2. bobes
    Re: Detox Journal from massive IV morph/heroin habbit

    Hey Mr B.,
    I started reading your fascinating journey and only halfway through realized it was a year old. I saw your online light on and just assumed it was "live".

    So excuse me if I jumped from the middle to the end and am repeating advice already given.

    Don't despair, the path you took this year is just part of the illness and not some failure on your part.
    Sounds like you are ready to give it another go and If so I'll be sure to subscribe and share the road with you.

    I know you found out what a treasure gabapentin is and am wondering if youve been able to get your hands on any Lyrica (pregabalin). Its basically just a more potent med . About twice as powerful. Doesn't matter which you can lay your hands on my only point is that the safety range is pretty high and don't be afraid to up your dose if you feel you need it.
    I am not making a medical suggestion for you as eveyone is different but my RX is 8 x 150mg lyrica per day. Which equals 16 x 150mg gapapentin. I have often taken double that recreationally.

    The tolerance issue has already been mentioned.

    Just a reminder that you might want to stock up a little if you can and if you found it helpful last time.

    Whatever is to come for you...I wish you all the best..I think you shouldn't start a New thread because there is so much for all of us to learn in this one already. my 2 cents

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