The detoxes and relapses of a major Heroin and Morphine addict - Part 58

By Mr Bumble · Dec 11, 2014 · ·
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    To Onthestregth. I've tried bupe and meth but i cannot take these meds for certain reasons, namely drug interaction with non narcotic drugs i have to take everyday to keep me alive. Plus i love morph, it's really hard to get in the Uk so no way was i giving up my script till i was ready to come off

    To Bobes. i think thats your mane, thanks for you comment, i had a reply all worked out but i've just woke up from a heavy med induced sleep and my head not working yet, for the life off me i cant remember what you said but thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

    I helpd offf meds all yesterday untill 8pm which was 12hrs after my last dose.

    I reduced again and took 600mg gaba 250mg morph SR and 0.1mg clonidine. This didn;t seem to make me feel any better so i took 10mg diazepam and 600mh gaba 2 hours later. this did seem to work and relax me but by 11pm i wanted sleep and over did it a bit with half and zopi, 20mg diazepam, 1200mg gaba and 0.2mg clonidine

    this knocked me for six and i woke up at 8am this morning still full dressed with my headphones on lying how i was when i was watching a film that i did get tosee before the drugs knocked me out.

    Going to try to get through today without taking much so if it gets bad i can knock myself out again if needed. 200mgs of sr morph this morning and thats it foras long as i can bare it.

    Sorry if i dont make much sense, i'm pretty wasted from the sleep meds last night

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    Ok managed to make it through the day with only taking 0.1 clonidine, 10mg diazepam and 900mg gaba, tolerance builds fast so although i felt woozy it wasn't enough to put me to sleep.

    I've just picked up 10 5mg Nitrazepams. I was told they are twice the strength of diazepam but looking at the conversion chart they are 1 for 1. However it does appear Nitrazepam is a much heavier sleep aid so I will be saving them for the night when it gets really bad.

    Starting to feel pretty rough and looking forward to 8pm when I can take my next dose. It will be 150mg oral morph plus 0.1 clonidine, 10mg diazepam and 900mg gaba. That should keep me feeling ok until close to midnight when i will re-dose with 1200mg gabapentin, 10mg diazepam, 5mg nitrazepam and 0.15mg or maybe o.2mg of clonidine (depends how bad i feel) and that dose should knock me out hopefully until morning or at least close to re-dosing time.

    So far it's been not to hard at all and I've been up and about round the house. I even walked to the cash point and got a lift to buy something.

    Once the morph dose drops to 100mgs and below i will start to suffer and have to raise the clonidine dose. That will cause my blood pressure to drop and make it hard for me to get out of bed.
    I have a resting heart beat of 57 and slightly low blood pressure anyway so high dose clonidine makes my whole body feel like lead and i will black out if i stand up to fast. But so far no bad side effect

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    Re: Detox Journal from massive IV morph/heroin habbit

    Hi Mr. Bumble, I just want to wish you good luck - I can't even imagine how you had previously stopped with these doses morphine of yours - which, in my opinion, shows your great strength and powerful will. Keep fighting man, I'm with you ;)
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